I'm sure he's beautiful. I'm sure birds sing when he speaks and time stops when he moves. I'm sure you love him, and love is indeed a beautiful thing; life-wrecking, but beautiful. I know that you love him, but my dear, that is not why you are here.

You are so much more than the love you can give to a boy. You are so much more than a good morning text or a Friday night. Please don't place your worth where it doesn't belong. He may drop it, misplace it, misuse it; and then you'll be left believing the lie that you are less than because he walked away. Love is wonderful, but we're young. Unfortunately this means that love is also often fleeting; here one moment, and gone the next.

Though emotions and happiness are as random as the weather, God's love is steadfast. His love and His plan for you are concrete. His power is always in your favor. He looked down at the world and deemed it incomplete without you. That is where your purpose lies.

Do not chase a boy, because the right one will never put you in a position to chase. Love will make its way to you. What you do need to chase is your passion; chase the thing that makes you feel warm. You know, sitting in front of a fire with hot chocolate and all the people you love most in the world kinda warm. Chase the thing, or the place, or the hobby, or the job, or even just the life that makes you feel like you belong.

"What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person."

This quote in the novel Paper Towns really sums it up.

Your purpose is not found in someone else. We are all human and we are all functioning chaos. Your purpose, regardless of who stays or who leaves, is entirely yours. You were put on this Earth for so much more than to please a boy, or anyone else for that matter.

However, this is not at all a "bash on boys". Relationships are wonderful and blessings in so many ways. The point of this though, is to not let a relationship become your entire identity. I see it so often. Girls (and boys alike) fall head over heels in love and completely lose themselves in this person, only to find themselves a shattered mess on the floor when they leave. I've been there.

Pick yourself off the floor, my dear. You were made for great things. You were made to move mountains and change nations. You were made to have an opinion and a voice and to be entirely your own. He has so much in store for you, so please never lose sight of that. That boy is not your purpose.