Lately, my choice of show for binge-watching has been "That 70's Show." This show is centered on a group of high schoolers going through life during the '70s. It offers the humor of what it is like growing up in a small town in Wisconsin.

Since I've begun bingeing the show, I've noticed that a lot of the humor and politics are still extremely relevant today. It makes me think that even though we've progressed so much in many aspects of society, we still face the same issues from almost 50 years ago.

Here are 6 topics that are still relevant to us today:

1. Strong opinions on government

Just like Hyde in the '70s, everyone has strong opinions about how our country, its leader, and how we should handle political issues.

2. Feminism

#GirlPower is a real thing that has been true for 50 years.

3. Opinions on drugs

Are they good? Are they bad? Everyone seems to have a strong opinion just like Red and Kitty did in the '70s.

4. "Star Wars" is STILL a thing


Who even knows how many "Star Wars" movies exist?

5. Burning your friends is still a form of humor

Nobody can burn someone like Red Foreman.

6. Being a foreigner is still a challenge

Sadly, people are still arguing and unaccepting towards immigrants today.