Last week Ariana Grande dropped her new song "Thank You, Next" shortly after breaking off her engagement to Pete Davidson. In the song Ariana thanks all of her most recent exes for what they've taught her. Honestly, this song made me want to text all my exes and thank them for all the pain they put me through. Without the heartbreak, I wouldn't be who I am today.

The reason this song is such an anthem for our generation is because of the line where she mentions moving on to someone new. "Her name is Ari" is such a powerful line, it teaches us that before we can move on and have a healthy relationship with someone else, we have to have one with ourselves first.

She mentions that "Ari" taught her love and patience and handles pain, Ariana has been through so much pain this year and has handled it incredibly well. She has proven to us that no matter what we are fighting through, we will make it out okay and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This song is the perfect anthem for anybody struggling through a heartbreak. Losing someone you love to death or a breakup is some had stuff, but new and better things come in the end. The best relationships always come after the worst heartbreaks.

Ari, thank you for this amazing anthem that will help so many people get through their breakups. We send so much love to you for this.