thanksgiving clapback tweets

#Thanksgivingclapback is typically a trending hashtag on Twitter around this time of year and they're hard not to love and laugh at. Here are 17 of the best #thanksgivingclapback tweets that Twitter has given to the world and let me just say, the tea is hot.

2. Because nobody likes a dry macaroni and cheese

3. Happy Winesgiving, right?

4. Thanksgiving is an acceptable day to eat however much you want, though

5. At least you're not dying from college stress, right?

6. No kids? No problem

7. Grandma wouldn't live for much longer

8. Are degrees really useless, though?

9. Time to step up the potato salad game

10. Matter of fact, just keep the headphones on

11. Till death do you part, no?

12. Expect the unexpected

13. She's a strong, independent woman who don't need no man

14. Same tweet, different reaction

15. Attitudes are here to stay

16. What's the deal with potato salad?

17. Saving the best for last

These tweets should prepare you for the Thanksgiving dinner that's coming around the corner. Use them at your discretion.

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