I am going, to be honest here: I aggressively love Christmas. Like it's actually aggressive.

I am addicted to Hallmark movies, I love Christmas trees ( the real ones), Christmas related foods, the presence of peppermint hot chocolate, the holiday cups at Starbucks, and the other Christmas related things.

However, there is another amazing holiday, right before Christmas, that I love more. And it is called Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has flat out always been my favorite holiday, yet I've never been fully aware as to why it was my favorite holiday. Until now, when I have fully understood it.

Thanksgiving is by far, the best holiday. It's the one holiday where you don't have to be overly concerned about looking cute because it is a holiday concerned with eating and nothing else. The main part of even being together is to eat a copious amount of food, watch football, and then not talk to your relatives for the rest of the day.

Thanksgiving is the holiday where you can be allowed not just one carb, but AT LEAST THREE. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and whatever else your family decides upon because there are no rules. Thanksgiving is a lawless holiday. Lawless. If you do small Thanksgivings, you don't even need to put makeup on. Which I have done, at least three times.

You can wear jeans! You know where you can't wear jeans? Christmas. Because Christmas= church and there are no jeans in church. Christmas is the holiday where you look nice, Thanksgiving is the holiday where you look at how you are. There are no fake appearances there. It's a reality.

Yeah, there's like a slight possibility that you can get Salmonella from putting stuffing inside a turkey but the way to avoid that is to just not put the stuffing in the turkey. Or follow the directions on the Stouffers box exactly and that is because there is no reason to put more into Thanksgiving than that.

Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Fight me on that. I'll win.