Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. It's simple with minimal decorations. You get together with family, eat, and watch football or nap. Then the next day, you wake up ridiculously early (or you don't sleep), and you go Black Friday shopping for all of the Christmas presents you haven't bought yet. Though British wizards don't celebrate Thanksgiving, here's what it would be like if they did.

1. Coming home

Finals are fast approaching, but you're ready for a break. You load your car and rush home to eat food that you didn't have to cook, to see your family, and to avoid homework.

2. At first, everything is great

Like every time you've ever come home, it starts out on a good note. Everyone is happy to see each other.

3. Reuniting with your sibling(s)

You fist bump your brother, you guys make fun of each other, and then you go about your separate lives in the same house.

4. Seeing all the family

This is the part where you realize how much you love your family and how important they are to you. It's nice to see them all in the same place.

5. Seeing the people in your family you don't like

This is the part where you're ready to leave again. You acknowledge these people in your family and move on.

6. Dinner

Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, you load them all onto your plate. Food is definitely something you're thankful for.

7. Some family comes in late

It's always the same people that do this. Everyone is already sitting down and eating dinner when they walk through the door.

8. Someone starts talking politics

You hear the words "Trump," "Democrats," "Republicans" and the tension in the room hits a new level. Your uncles talk about how great Trump is. Your cousins call for impeachment. One of the younger kids keeps chanting "Fake news."

9. The fighting

Politics turns into personal feuds and suddenly, everyone's angry. Grandma calls your cousin a hippie. Grandpa makes some racist comments. Your aunt rants about the gay agenda.

10. Dessert

Then someone steps in and decides it's dessert time. The pies distract from the fighting. You grab a piece of your favorite and second favorite desserts.

11. The food coma

You ate fast so that your stomach wouldn't realize it was full, until now. Time to climb into a recliner and nap.

12. Watching football

With a bunch of kids running around, it's impossible to sleep, so you watch football instead.

13. Black Friday Ads

Your aunts bust out the Black Friday ads. Everyone passes them around, making plans for the next morning. You look just to look.

14. Ready for Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it's time to put up the Christmas tree and blast Christmas songs for a month!