Dear Dad, Thank You For Always Making Our Family Your Priority

Dear Dad, Thank You For Always Making Our Family Your Priority

Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do.

Dear Dad,

To say that you have given me a blessed childhood, instilled a strong sense of values within my spirit and taught me some of the most valuable lessons of my life only begins to capture the effect that you have had on my life.

You and Mom are my best friends, my mentors and through your love, you gave Chris, Austin and I the most precious gift of all: life.

I am forever grateful that you are my father and that I have had you to teach me the value of hard work, the importance of positivity in times of distress and the beauty of living mindfully. You always seem to be thinking of how to help those around you and be taking time to appreciate the most simple pleasures in life. You have worked so hard to provide for our family and you did not become jaded by any challenges that you faced.

Your ability to find reason in all situations and help guide me through my hardships was monumental for me over these past years.

I cannot express in words how much love that I have for you and how much I appreciate every little thing about you. I love how happy you are to build fires in the winter, I love the way that you get Mom flowers to make her smile, I love the way that you are patient with us all, but still demand the best from us.

I love how much you love Hallmark Channel movies, I love your quirky humor on the weekends, I love your fascination with creating and your desire to always keep learning. I love your resilience and the deep kindness that resides in your soul and radiates through everything that you do. I love that you have always made our family your priority.

When I tell you that I love you to infinity and beyond, I mean it with all of my heart and soul. You truly are the best dad in the whole entire universe galaxy. You continue to always be here for me, from tucking me in every night in my childhood, coming to all of my dance recitals or plays or gallery shows, to now becoming a source of wisdom at my most pivotal crossroads in young adulthood.

I am so thankful to have you, Dad. I am so thankful for everything that you have done for us and I appreciate every ounce of love that you have poured into our beautiful family. You always make me feel valid, loved and worthy. When the time comes, I know that you will be the most amazing grandfather.

For now, I am excited to enjoy every precious moment that our family has to spend together and all of the memories that we have to make. Thank you, Dad.



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What Rescuing a Dog Taught Me About My Future

She was a real pain to begin with, but I wouldn't give her up for the world now.


My first dog came from a breeder to us when he was just a puppy. I was in third grade so we were both young together. I remember stepping off of the bus and seeing him curled up in my mom's arms. His breed, a Cavalier King Charles, is a highly sought after dog for their small size and beautiful markings. However, dog breeding can lead to medical complications down the line. Heart murmurs are very frequent as cavaliers get older. When he turned 9 years old, they were already detecting the beginning of a heart murmur in him. But my second dog didn't come to us in quite the same way.

Willow was about a year old. She was rescued from an abusive home where she had to fight for her food from many other dogs. This made her guard resources and distrustful of us. My mom and I begged the rest of our family for the ability to adopt her, and they finally agreed. Being not potty trained, we had to teach her with a lot of positive encouragement when she went pee in the right place (not our carpet). It took her a while to realize that we weren't going to take her food away and she gradually became less resource guarding. She started to trust my other dog more and play with him. A lot of the time, they even snuggle together now.

At the time, I was in my junior year of high school and still thinking about the idea of becoming a veterinarian. She helped me decide to go for it, and now I'm in college and getting ready to apply for veterinary school. Willow has become part of our family, and her funny and unique personality fit right in with us.

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