Thanksgiving Break Was Not A Break

It’s that point in the semester, where some students are slowly losing the motivation to finish the semester on a strong note. Others have been up to date with all of their work and are even ahead, so this article doesn’t even apply to them. Then there are other students who believe they are caught up on all of their school work, but in actuality, they are not.

Thanksgiving break was hardly a break. It’s a lot of work if you really think about it. The day before Thanksgiving is notorious for reuniting with friends as well as it being a big night for going out on the town. So as a college student, there can be an obligation to meet up with hometown friends you haven’t seen for a few months and drink.

Drink to not seeing each other in a while. Drink to avoid small talk with someone you know but you don’t want to talk to. Drink to the fact Thanksgiving is the next day and the idea of possibly seeing some relatives hurts. Take a shot because your ex just walked into the bar. Drink because as soon as break is over, college will consume your life and ruin the Christmas spirit. Well, drink to drink. Many reasons Wednesday is a big night for alcohol.

Now it’s Thursday, Thanksgiving day. There are road races, football games, the Macy’s Parade on television, driving to relatives homes, etc. You are either hungover or sober, either way by the end of the evening there is another chance that alcohol is involved. You drink to being with family and sometimes that dessert wine can go a little too far. All of this leads into Friday.

Friday. Black Friday. Frowned upon by some, but loved by many more. Personally, I am not a Black Friday Shopper nor do I ever plan to be. If a person did some research, the sales are actually horrendous and they are ripping you off. This day is hyped up for people to kill each other over material items. REGARDLESS, people will be out shopping until dawn for those “deals,” that they need at 3:00 a.m. on a Friday (because it’s not going to be marked down in the following weeks or even the previous weeks leading up for that matter).

You’ve been home for what three days now? Wednesday through Friday consisted of food, boozing, and shopping. All mentally and physically exhausting activities. Saturday is the recovery day. You recover and look at the assignments that should be done before the midnight Sunday due date, but a nap and movie sound so much better. Then when you wake up, you end up out on the town for the last night everyone is home. So now we have reached Sunday.

It’s the last day of Thanksgiving break and I’m going to assume that a good portion of students did not take the proper time to do assignments that are due at 11:59 p.m. on Blackboard or Canvas. You are exhausted from an extended weekend of catching up with family and friends that now college is creeping back into your Sunday to really take a stab at your soul.

I was the middle person in the case who did half of their assignments Wednesday and then the rest on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Thanksgiving break is more of a pause button that we don't want to press play on afterward because as soon as we press play, it's time to sit down for a final.

With all of that being said, there are approximately 2-3 weeks left in the semester. Then there is about a month and a half break which is better than the not so Thanksgiving break. So just grab some coffee, and a snack and finish the rest of the semester strong. Or at least try to!

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