Thanksgiving is for spending time with loved ones, giving thanks, and consuming all of that amazing homemade food you’ve been missing out on while in college. The much-needed break comes right before finals, and while it gives us a nice respite from the pressure of classes, it always brings up other types of stresses. With Thanksgiving just a few weeks out, it's time to prepare ourselves for the events and conversations that will surely take place.

Someone's going to ask you about your major and your "future career plans."

"So you're a _______ major? And what are you going to do with that?"

When all of your siblings and cousins bring their significant others…

This will lead to a family member asking why you're single… as if you could even possibly have an answer to that question.

Chances are someone in the family is getting engaged, married, or having kids. And then there's you...

You will probably get together with some old high school friends, and quickly realize you have nothing in common anymore.

Your mom's going to want you to help cook and clean for guests.

Someone's bound to bring up those embarrassing stories from past Thanksgivings...

Which will lead to you consume a little too much wine at dinner.

Your older siblings will be prompted to talk about their job and other boring adult stuff.

Oh you got promoted? Well I just beat my old record of shotgunning a beer.

You might end up losing your sanity by the end of the night.

But despite all of the craziness, you'll be with the people you love most.

And turkey. Lots of turkey.