We never stop to thank the people who deserve it the most. We are so focused with our own feelings and thoughts that we seem to overlook the reason we're able to survive each and every week. Without the people who make up our support system, we wouldn't have made it past our first semester of college.

College is difficult, duh. But Nobody told us just how hard it would be. Nobody told us all of our professors would get together and plan the overwhelming amount of readings and essays they would assign over the weekend (I've been told that's not what they do but it sure feels that way). Nobody said your friends from home would make new friends so quickly, and they definitely didn't say anything about how much it would hurt to see them happy without you. Nobody said you would consume your body weight in mac and cheese and black coffee and soon enough forget what it felt like to have more than 5 hours of sleep a night.

I find myself going to bed thinking about all of the homework I didn't do, which leads to me waking up feelings like a sad potato. I skip breakfast, lose my key card and search frantically for my shoes. These are my new norms, to anyone on the outside looking in - I am a mess, but I find myself comical and very average. College students are crazy messy, we are emotionally unstable and always hangry (hungry and angry). I wouldn't be able to get through my toughest weeks without my supports system.

Personally, I find myself constantly needing to be reassured that things will work out, I have a few level headed friends that keep me sane. I find myself in need of multiple hugs throughout the day and luckily for me, I see people along my everyday commute who are there to help. I often need to vent, to go on and on about how annoying my professor is for giving me a C+ instead of a B-, I have people for that too. No matter what my needs are on any given day, I am blessed to have people around me to keep me going. I don't know where I'd be without any of you!