A Thank You Letter To College

Dear college,

There are many, many reasons to be mad at you. You've made me broke. You're a lot of work. You've caused me many grey hairs, long nights, and panic attacks. But sometimes, you're the best. So...

Thank you for giving me incredible friends.

Without you, I wouldn't have met these amazing people from across the state, the country, and even the world! They're part of my family now. We've bonded over the stress and the happiness you continually give us. We've met because of the clubs you have and the dorms you've built. For that, I couldn't be more grateful.

Thank you for the opportunities.

You've given me job and internship opportunities that a kid without a college education could never imagine. You've taken me on trips to local places, and even some international, that I'll never forget. Most importantly, you've given me an education. In today's world, that's invaluable.

Thank you for the lessons.

Now, I (kind-of) understand how to be an adult. Through small emergencies and large, I've learned what it's like to pay for everything, cook and clean, and deal with life in a grown-up manner. Those are the kind of lessons that you only learn once you've left the comfort zone that home and your parents provide.

Thank you for the memories.

Most of all, I'm grateful for the memories. Through good times and bad, I've had great friends there to pick me up. You've had awesome concerts, parties, and dinners. There have been (not-so) awesome exams to study for and late-nights, but you made sure that ended in pizza and laughter. All students have tackled them together, and without you, I would never be able to look back on these years as the best in my life.

So, thank you, college. You've given me the best experiences I could ever imagine, and I can't wait to make more friends and memories with the time we have left together.


A Student

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