To The People Who've Inspired Me To Be The Woman I Am Today

There are so many people who have inspired me to be the woman I am today, and I want to publicly thank them.

1. My parents

father and daughter

For 20 years now, you have shown me nothing but love. For twenty years you have put forth my and my siblings' needs before your own. You have put us first financially. You've worked extra hours to provide dinner, a roof over our head, clothing and items we want, and any fun activity or vacation for us. When money is tight you never fail to keep your head up and do what you need to do to provide for your family. Your hard work and dedication to us never goes unnoticed.

Not only do you provide financially for us, but you're there for us when we need someone the most. A shoulder to cry on, or some serious advice to get us to realize what is really important. You have taught me for twenty years now to go after what I want. Work hard for what I want, and don't let someone stand in my way. You've taught me so many valuable life lessons. How to budget, what to wear to a job interview, how to be a good sister to my siblings, how to drive, how to cook, clean, to work for something I want, and so much more. It would take me days to list off everything you've done for me. Thank you for inspiring me to be a hardworking woman.

2. My siblings

Although majority of the time you all annoy me, I wouldn't have it any other way. You have taught me what it means to really be a sister. There are so many things that I have learned from being your sister, and I can't thank you enough for teaching me. I learned to share, to be a shoulder to cry on, and to love unconditionally. Your love to me and our family is so contagious, there is no one else in the world I would have wanted to share my life and family with.

Having two younger sisters and an older brother has taught me a lot more than I would expect. Growing up, I learned to help care for you, my sisters because of our age difference. I've learned to be a positive role model to you, and to be an ear for you when you need a friend and feel that no one else is listening. My older brother has taught me to be a positive influence. I see your mistakes, and I learn from them. Your dedication to be a better man each and every day inspires me to be a better person every day as well. I love you all unconditionally, and I thank you for being someone who has inspired me to better myself every day.

3. The friends that have my back when I need someone the most

best friends Giphy

College is hard. People are mean. Times are tough. You have taught me that none of that matters. You have taught me that my happiness is important too. There is no one else in the world I would want to share this aspect of my life with. You pick me up when I'm down. You're always a phone call away. You'll come over when I need a person to talk to or someone to hang out with. You're my permanent study buddies, lunch/dinner dates, shopping partners, and my best friends. I can't thank you enough for the positivity you've brought to me. Whether I've known you for a short amount of time or my entire life. You have inspired me every day to get back up on my feet and keep trying. Thank you immensely for the things you have done for me.

4. My past friends

It's crazy to publicly thank you, I know. But to this day you have no idea the positivity and influences you have put into my life. I started the new year with resentment towards anyone. Or at least that's my goal. There is a reason our friendship didn't work out, and for that I'm sorry. I thank you though, for teaching me what it means to be a true friend. Whether is was my fault or yours, or both of ours that our friendship failed, there were so many lessons to be learned. I can't say much more than thank you for inspiring me to be a better friend and to learn from our mistakes.

5. My sorority sisters

Lastly, I'd like to thank my sorority sisters. In a chapter with so many women, who all have big dreams and hopes to be someone one day when we can finally leave this dinky college town, I have already learned a lot. Being a part of this chapter has taught me so much. It has taught me to go for what I want. Without joining this sorority, I would have never run for a position, or applied for Odyssey. Being a part of this chapter has taught me to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things. You have taught me to put myself out there. You have taught me that people want to see me succeed. You've taught me to have fun, but work hard too. I thank you a million times for the lessons I've learned in such a short amount of time around you all, and I can't wait for the rest of my college experience with you.

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