8 Thank-Yous For The Best Friends That Made My College Campus My Second Home

8 Thank-Yous For The Best Friends That Made My College Campus My Second Home

Overall, thank you for being YOU

Everyone says that college flies by, but you never truly realize just how quickly it goes until you blink, and the year is more than halfway over.

College is the biggest transition of people's lives. With that comes many mixed emotions- excitement, fear, happiness, anxiety and so many more. It isweird leaving all your best friends from home to go on your own journey.

The goodbyes arehard, but college friends quickly find a way to fill all the spaces in your heart.

1. Thank you for making this new, scary campus feel like home.

Finding your best friends in college is so important and makes the experience even more fun. College friends all help each other get comfortable in their new home away from home. There is an instant connection with some people you meet on campus, and that never goes away. You truly find the people you were supposed to meet in college, and form bonds quicker than ever before. College friends are more like you than anyone else. It is so easy to find and gravitate towards people who are so similar to you. With that being said, thank you for making the transition so easy for me.

2. Thank you for creating lifetimes memories with me

From going out every weekend to watching movies, you were always there. When I look back on these four years, I will think of you and the memories we made, together. All the laughs, embarrassing moments and hardships, I had you to lean on. Thank you for being the people I went to every tailgate, philanthropy event, library, dining hall and all the other random places we wandered, with. Even when we were doing the most boring activities, we found a way to make it fun, because we were together.

3. Thank you for all the road trips

The car rides to and from campus never seemed to be as long as they were because of how much fun we had on them. There are not many things I enjoy more than long talks or jam sessions, especially if it is with my best friends. Thank you for always cheering me up when its hard to leave home, because a car ride with my best friends makes going back to campus exciting.

4. Thank you for allowing me to borrow all your clothes

No one has enough clothes for all the outfits needed when going out. Thank you for never getting annoyed when I ask you to send me pictures of your entire wardrobe and then come and try practically everything on. Thank you for not getting mad when I forget to return you clothes or accidently spill on them. Most importantly, thank you for having so many cute options for me to pick from!

5. Thank you for all the advice you give me

If I ever need advice I know I can always turn to you. Sometimes it seems harsh, but I know that it is exactly what I need to hear. You always have my best interest in mind and knowing I can count on you is so comforting. I know you will never judge anything I have to say, or what I am thinking, which makes it so easy to talk to you about everything.

6. Thank you for all the slumber parties

Thank you for never hesitating to allow me to sleepover when I don't feel like walking back to my dorm late at night. If I ever am feeling lonely or need to be with my best friends, I know your door is always open to stay up all night watching movies and gossiping.

7. Thank you for not getting mad that I'm never ready on time

It didn’t take you long to catch on that I can never be on time. Seven to you, means seven thirty to me. You never get mad or annoyed when the plans must change a little because I always lose track of time.

8. Thank you for being the reason I love my school

College is only as good as you make it. You made me love my school, because I love who I go to school with. The friend I found in you is rare, and I will forever be grateful for all the times we shared. I am beyond happy and enjoy every second spent here, because of the people spending the time with me.

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As hard as it might be for you to admit it to him, thank him for being such a good friend.


Urban Dictionary defines “cooties" as,

"A way of little girls telling other little girls not to play with boys and vice versa. Ex: You played with little Jimmy? Ooow, you're going to get cooties."

Fortunately, as we grow older, we realize two crucial facts: First, never trust Urban Dictionary and second, a girl and boy CAN simply be just friends, maybe even best friends. If you are lucky enough to have a boy best friend in your life, here are a few things you probably owe him a thank you for:

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Thank him for being someone who is always there for you.

Thank him for being someone that you can trust and someone you're lucky to have in your life.

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Sometimes Change is Necessary

Attempting to break my day to day cycle.


Change is scary. For some, it frightens us to our core. I, myself, am included among the some. I have always been a creature of habit. Wake up the same time, leave my house the same time, drive the same route to and from school, eat the same after class snacks, and go to sleep around the same time. The idea of change always sparked an anxiety in me that hit so deep it would prevent me from doing things such as going out to places i have never been or driving to locations that were unknown. I have missed out on many friend gatherings and get togethers because I refused to break out of my shell and attempt to go further than the 20 mile radius around my house.

I thought I was content with living a life of routine, I had convinced myself I was happy day in and day out, basically living in my own real-life groundhogs day. Then, there was an instance that brought my whole world tumbling down. Not getting into too many details, but this event has flipped everything I ever thought I knew about my life upside down. Suddenly there was no routine, no schedule to plan my life around, no order in this new world of chaos and I had no idea what to do. I immediately went into a panic, I began having anxiety attacks every day to the point where I was missing my classes and calling out of work. In all my 19 years on this planet, I had sheltered myself to the extent that I could not deal with basic change and that was not okay.

After about three weeks of daily stress and anxiety with small spurts of depression, I finally came out of my funk, and I came out with a completely new perspective on my life. I no longer wanted to be that person who said they couldn't go to events with friends because they had never been to the venue, I didn't want to be the boring stick in the mud I once was, what I wanted was to be happy with myself.

Ultimately I decided to start making changes in my life, albeit they started very small, but I was in control and that made me much more comfortable. I began trying new foods when I went out to restaurants and I started thinking more positively about my classes and my problems. I started to distance myself from problems that weren't mine and experimenting with my wardrobe and as time progressed, I even went as far to chop a solid half of my hair off and take up spiritual stone healing, as strange as that sounds.

Mind you it has only been about a month and a half I have been on this "change journey" but I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied with who I am. I no longer feel as though I am wasting my days and that is something I could never say before. Now, this is not to knock those who enjoy a routine-style life, I was right there with you at one point, but for the sake of my own mentality I needed to break that cycle and I firmly believe everyone should try to too. Not to say everyone should take it to the extreme but maybe trying small things like finding a different place to study that isn't the library, listen to a genre of music you never thought you would, anything you find yourself repeating over and over as the days go by just think about ways to interrupt or enhance the norm. I have discovered how vital experiencing change has been in my own life and how much happier I have been overall, and I am finally excited to see what the unknown holds for me.

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