Thank you for helping me view life with a different perspective.

You made me realize that no one can actually have it all. I thought of you like my whole world, but really I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders. Thank you for taking that weight off me.

Thank you for making me realize that even the people we have so much faith in can still let us down.

I believed all the promises you made me and always thought so highly of you. You gave me the hope to believe that there are still good people out there. Thank you for not letting me get my hopes up to high.

Thank you for making me stronger.

Without the heartache, I would not be growing into the person I am supposed to be. You broke my heart and left me to pick up all the pieces, but that is how I get stronger. We thought to be together helped strengthen each other's weaknesses, but really I had that strength in me all along. Thank you for making me realize that.

Thank you for the love that you gave me.

Without it, I would have never known that I deserve much more than what you said was your all. I was too focused on you, what I thought was my everything, and that distracted me from seeing what I really deserve. I wanted so badly to believe that you were the one. Thank you for bringing me back to reality.

Thank you for the memories.

This is the one thing I cannot throw away or erase no matter how hard I try to. I used to cry over them, but now I learn from them. They aren't just memories to me now, they are lessons. Thank you for these.

I always told you how strong I am. People may doubt me at times, but I always prove them wrong. Now, I am going to prove you wrong. You might have thought this was going to be the end of me because at times I did too, but I never give up. You only made me stronger by breaking my heart. You made the mistake of pushing me away, and all I have to say to you now is... thank you, next.