Why I'm Thankful For Odyssey At Villanova
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Why I'm Thankful For Odyssey At Villanova

This year I have something new to be thankful for.

Why I'm Thankful For Odyssey At Villanova

This Thanksgiving, I have a multitude of things to be thankful for, as I do every year. From my amazing family to simply waking up every day I am endlessly blessed. This year, however, I have something completely new to be thankful for.

Odyssey at Villanova.

Before I applied to write for Odyssey at Villanova this summer, I knew that writing was one of my strengths, but never felt like it was something I was passionate about, or would ever seriously pursue. One day while bored at my internship, I decided to apply simply on a whim after I wrote out a random listicle I thought could be funny. I was only friends with one person that wrote for our community and was nervous about how some of my opinions and articles would be perceived. I am not one to shy away from the controversial, and wanted my voice to be heard and respected, regardless of what I chose to write about.

All of this happened, and then some. Villanova's Odyssey community is one of the most welcoming, supportive, and encouraging groups I have been a part of, especially at Villanova.

Villanova's unspoken (but very real) hierarchy of organizations is very exclusionary to many who want to get involved, and Odyssey is the exact opposite. Since it is not actually affiliated with the university, it is a community within a larger one and is inclusive to all.

Thanks to our EIC Sydney Mueller, all of the writers and editors are acknowledged, appreciated, and supported. She has created an environment where all productive ideas are valued, and we have fun while sharing them.

At our first community meeting, I walked in barely knowing any of my fellow editors, and within two weeks of us making our own Snapchat group, I felt like I had been friends with these ladies for months. There's really just something about complaining together and constantly sending snaps so unflattering that only a close friend would be O.K. with receiving that really brings a group together.

While we each have our own lives and sets of friends, I know I can always count on my fellow editors to brighten my day with a cute encouragement snap or text. Having friends that are passionate about similar things as you is always important, and I've found that through making friends on Odyssey.

Whether it's community meetings, editor brunches or wine nights, it is always a good time to be around my fellow editors and writers. Odyssey has allowed to find my voice and develop my writing in ways I never thought I could achieve. Odyssey at Villanova is a community I will always be proud to be a part of, and am proud of the confidence it has given me with my writing. This Thanksgiving, at the dinner table I'll be giving Odyssey an extra shout out when asked what I am thankful for this year.

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