OK, if you haven’t heard the song “When It Rains It Pours” by Luke Combs, then you’re missing out because it’s the best freaking break-up song I’ve ever heard. The song is literally how I’m tryin’ to feel about every single bad thing that ever happens to me.

If I’m being honest I probably wasn't gonna marry this boy I'm about to talk sh*t about because he wanted to spend the rest of his life in the town we grew up in and he spent his entire life before college. So, that's a red flag if you ask me!

Also, if I’m being real I never got to formally meet his mother, but he’s her baby so… I’m sure she if hated me from the weekend he came home from school and was supposed to spend it with her and instead to drove to see me and barely made it back to church on Sunday. OK, so she probably hates me is the moral of that story.

What I’m getting at is that family is really important to me. My sister is my best friend and always will be. Gracie is the best sister I could ask for and our personalities really complement one another.

My family is a fight hard but love hard kind of family and I love that about us because everyone’s open about their feelings and no one is ever mad after an argument for too long — we always apologize within 24 hours and it’s definitely hard to be mad when you have a family that’s always in the kitchen together laughing or making fun of each other.

My fam is so great, loving and understanding, so I want whoever my in-laws are to be the same way. I’m all about red flags and if your parents don’t like me we’re going to have serious problems. This sounds kind of selfish, but I if and when I get married or I'm really serious with someone I want them to hold the same family values that I do.

I want to be carefree when it comes to trivial things and I want everyone in my family to be happy whether I one hundred percent agree with all their decisions or not. Honestly, who the heck wants awkward holiday meals? Who wants to date someone whose family doesn’t think you’re freaking great? Not me. I’m a good time gal and I’m not changing my core values to please my maybe one-day mother-in-law.