Thank You To My Person
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Thank You To My Person

We all have that person we run to in times of need.

Thank You To My Person

We have all gone through friends over and over again as we've grown up. You have the friend from elementary school, your group of friends that you evolved from girl to woman with in middle school, and then your friends that you faced high school with. Some people keep certain friends through all of those changes. Some people change friends every year. Throughout all of those years of friends, you developed a friend that you can confide in about anything.

We all have a person. We all have that person who we run to in times of need, whether we’re crying about a stupid boy or we’re mad about some girl who looked at us the wrong way. This person knows everything about you and exactly how to handle any situation that is thrown their way. They hate the same people as you, and you sit and laugh for hours about all of the people that hate the two of you. It seems like this person is the only one you’re ever around. In other words, they're your partner in crime.

I can picture so many times that I have gone running to my person crying and left feeling better than ever. We all need these people because without them we could be completely lost. We would be stuck wandering in the clover field that we call our lives. Have you ever wondered how they know exactly what to say? It’s as if somewhere deep in the chemistry of their brains, they are wired to help you and only you. There isn’t an instruction manual, there isn’t training; they just automatically know how to.

When you and your person have a falling out, you feel like you lose yourself. This person is so much like you that it makes you sick. It seems like you were twins that were separated at birth and were brought together by fate. You know that when you get into a fight, there is no way that you won't find a way to make up. You are also both so stubborn that you won't apologize first, so you eventually just get over it and act like it didn't happen.

These people are such a blessing to have in your life. Look back at all of your memories with this perfect and special person, and think of how you could have possibly done life without them. These people have scraped you off your bathroom floor and held you as you cried. They don’t just come to the rescue either; they come with ice cream and tissues in hand. These people are the ones who come running when they hear that slick comment that someone had to say. I have never been so blessed to have someone in my life. I don’t know where I would be without my person. I never really even asked for this person. She just popped up in my life when I needed her most. I haven’t honestly sat back and thanked my person. Have you?

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