A Thank You To My Parents

A Thank You To My Parents

For showing me what it means to work on a relationship and be a team.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Dear Mom and Dad,

Your recent anniversary was for 22 years of marriage, which is a long time. Thank you both for sticking with each other that long. Thank you for setting an example of perseverance for me and Stephen. You've gone through a lot together: cancer, two kids (both of whom were perfect angels, obviously), and starting a business together, just as a few examples.

You've certainly had really hard times, and you've had your fair share of screaming matches, but I'm so glad you always took the time to work it out. Thank you for always being willing to adapt and change. Thank you for always supporting me and Stephen together. Thank you for reading every letter sent home from the school, going to every parent-teacher conference, and holding us to high standards because you knew we could reach them. Thank you for keeping consistent rules even though I hated it when it was happening. Thank you for working hard so Stephen and I could have the opportunities you never had. I'm sorry for everything I didn't appreciate in the moment.

I hope your anniversary is amazing!


Your Daughter

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