Thank you for being my number one supporter when I needed it, a best friend when I needed a laugh, and becoming a sister I know I can always turn too. This year I have not only learned to live with somebody, but you have taught me how to be compassionate, forgiving, and strong at the right times. Without each other, I don't know how we could have survived all of the mental breakdowns, guy problems, the countless rants about how we miss our families, and the even more important rants about our precious babies back home: also known as my kitties, and your dogs and cat.

Going into our first year was terrifying and exciting for us both. Looking back, I now laugh at us maneuvering our way through our first class schedules and the crazy social life that we took on as a college students. Throughout this year, I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend nights out (or in with to be honest), eat bagel bites and pizza rolls with, get ready with, laugh with, and talk to all day and night. With all the ups and downs this year has brought us, I am thankful we have learned some very helpful things this past year:

If you find your roommate on twitter, she'll be an A1 roommate.

Suite mates are dangerous if you don't get to know them early.

Boys fucking suck.

Emergency phones are a joke.

Most people are temporary.

Math is fake.

and most importantly,

Ice cream will fix if not all, most of your problems.

I am so saddened that our year of living together is coming to an end this week. But it makes my heart extremely happy to know that I'll always have a friend in WA. Thank you for all the unforgettable memories. I love you to the moon and back!

Lots of love.