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To My Parents, For Making Me The Woman I Have Become Today

These two are the people I look up to the most in my life.

Morgan Rexroth

Dear Mom and Dad,

I can't express to you how thankful I am for the foundation that you have built for me to become who I am today. Taking on the challenge of being a parent is extremely hard at first because no one is ever really ready to have a kid, but I can tell one thing, you deserve number one parents of the year every year!

From the moment I was born, you two have put 150% of yourselves into me. Starting from a young age as a child, you two never put me down and never left my side. I went absolutely EVERYWHERE with you guys from restaurants to vacations to family friend gatherings. The opportunity to have these experiences have opened so many more doors into my life and that is all because of your hard work.

The hard-work and compassion that you put forth into work and your business is impeccable. Everyone wants to own a business to have the label of being a business owner and thinks that the label means they can have other people do their job, but that is not the case for you guys.

To put forth 150% of yourself into your business is a completely different story and nowadays that is very rare to find. It is also very hard to find a boss who is so giving and considerate of his/her employees. On several accounts have you given a hand to others within the company or community when help was needed whether it was lending something out or assisting in time of a financial crunch. After watching this normal giving behavior throughout my entire life, it has led me to have a passion for giving back to others and the community. The amount of hard work and drive you guys put into my life and your life has really made me a more independent woman.

Still, to this day, I call every day. I want you guys to know about all of my successes throughout my life because you two are my number one support system that I can ALWAYS count on. Being far away from home can be extremely difficult at times, but it has really developed me into a more self-sufficient person. There are things that I never thought I would do on my own until I had no choice, but to do it.

The life that you have provided for me has been absolutely amazing and I owe it all to you two. All of the compliments and kind words that people have to say is all because of YOU. Your hard work and dedication to not only to your life but also to mine, shows a lot about who you guys are. There are qualities that I have in both of you, which has made me a perfect combination of both of you. I hope someday I am half the person you two have been to me to my own kids because you two deserve the world and really are my heroes.


Morgan Rexroth

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