When I was a child, I was fortunate to have such incredible teachers. Now that I am in college, I realized that teachers dedicate their lives to their students. They have to get to school before the students and they leave their work after the students. They are responsible for creating the successful students, they have to deal with parents and students complaining about grades and often they have to stay after school to help struggling students. And unfortunately, they are under-compensated for their work.

So, wanted to tell all the amazing teachers that I had, thank you.

Thank you for always being so supportive of me.

You have always challenged me and but always said that I can do it.

Thank you for always sitting with me as I try to comprehend all this material.

If I ever needed help, you would stick around after school, or in office hours and go through the material with me. And you never said, "No, I'm too busy." You always said, "I will make time and we will go over it together."

Thank you for all the sacrifices that you made.

As a child, I never knew how hard teachers work. When I was a kid, I just assumed that a teachers job is to just teach. But there is so much more to being a teacher. Teachers are expected to be a mediator, role model, educator, and maybe even a social worker. They are basically responsible for their students lives from 9-3. And students aren't always the most well behaved. But teachers never showed that they are frustrated or stressed.

Thank you for truly enjoying the subject that you were teaching.

Because that passion inspired me to do better. Your passion and enthusiasm for the subject as inspired me to work even harder in school. It allowed me to see the value and importance of the subject that you were teaching.

Thank you for never telling me I was stupid, even though I said it to myself.

I don't understand certain STEM topics easily. I get overwhelmed by all the abstract topics that I feel like I should understand. I am not a good reader and writer. I can't analyze texts in depth. I always feel like an idiot because everyone around me seems to understand the reading or the concept easily and I don't. But you always said that 'it takes time and unfortunately there is never enough' or that "you are not an idiot, you just need to practice." That has honestly made a huge difference to me.

Thank you for all the sacrifices and time you spent outside the classroom to help me.

You guys work so many hours but you always make time to help me and other students. You care so much about your students and I definitely appreciate that.

And thank you for being an awesome role model.

I am lucky that I have such mentors and teachers that I admire and look up to.