The Thank You My Grandpa Deserves

There are two words and eight letters that I don't say to you half as much as I should: thank you.

Thank you for sharing music with me. When I look back, my best memories include sitting in the back seat of your car with the windows down on a sunny day with you playing music, which I find myself listening to at school whenever I'm feeling homesick. I'm lucky to have someone who has introduced me to some of the greatest songs ever written.

I'm also thankful that as I got older, you let me play you Justin Bieber and One Direction songs, even though I know they could never compare. You listened and made jokes, which may have made me mad at the time, but I can know look back on and laugh along with.

Thank you for always being there to support me. Every dance recital, school music show, pageant, hockey game, and everything in between, I've loved knowing that you were in the crowd supporting me and cheering me on.

And with that, thank you for also always showing support for my current obsession. Again, no one made you listen to One Direction with me, but you did. I'm lucky to have a grandpa who will sit and listen to me go on and on about something I care about, no matter how annoying it may be, just because you know I care about it.

Thank you for capturing every memory. When I was younger, I thought it was weird that you took pictures every time we were together, but now I'm thankful. I'm grateful that every memory has been captured. Every time I see a memory pop up on Facebook, I'm reminded of what we did and what we may have laughed about on that day. I'm glad I am going to have those pictures forever.

Lastly, thank you for being my absolute favorite lunch date. I love sitting for hours at Chick-Fil-A or Culvers or anywhere talking about life, school, politics, and absolutely anything else in the world. The best part of coming home for breaks is knowing we're going to be able to get together.

Truthfully, this isn't the thank you that you deserve, because I can't successfully put into words just how thankful I am to have a grandpa like you. All I can do now is continue to thank you as often as I can for every lunch date and song you show me, in hopes that I can someday string together the words to better explain how much you mean to me.

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