Thank You Ms. Frizzle
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Student Life

Thank You Ms. Frizzle

Your adventures have inspired a countless number of young scientists

Thank You Ms. Frizzle

When you have chosen a major in college there is a question that will undoubtedly come up. You will be asked on multiple occasions why you chose the major that you did. Many of us will give an off handed response without much thought, our first instinct being to cite job security or potential income, possibly even location. Some however, will provide an in depth response, giving incite as to what inspired the path we have chosen to follow. If you were to ask me, a biology major, I would answer that my rural upbringing and complete fascination with plant growth were the deciding factors that shaped my career choice. I have loved science, specifically the science behind plants, since I was a child. Among my parents, teachers, and overall environmental factors, I also have the quirky Ms. Frizzle to thank for giving me my fist glimpse of the scientific fields.

Like many other children born in the 90's, I was introduced to the slightly crazed red headed teacher around first grade. I can remember sitting in the classroom, surrounded by classmates, all completely enraptured by the controlled chaos we were being shown on the old TV screens. She and her merry band of students stumbled into trouble countless times, in various situations, yet always managed to find their way out just in time. Science was always a factor, and it played the saving roll in every episode.

It was inspiring to say the least, especially for a young girl. Here we had a roll model, female and exceptionally strong, who's teaching was completely wrapped in science. Alongside Ms. Frizzle and her students we ventured into space, the human body, and even bee hives. We learned by watching and engaging. Being so young, and being exposed to that kind of adventure was exhilarating. You wanted to be one of those students on that crazy bus, rolling or even flying into your next adventure at full speed. The show "The Magic School Bus" was and is one of the reasons I chose to pursue an education in science.

It pushed me to think of way to change practices, and find what ways I can influence my chosen field. Though "The Magic School Bus" was not the only scientific show geared toward children at this time, others coming to mind being Bill Nye and Beakman's World, it was one of the very few that was led by a female scientist. Now,understanding that it was only another form of explanation to describe what could have been complicated theories and facts, I am thankful for the show. It helped inspire me, and countless others of my generation, to pursue educations in the scientific field. The reach of the show has gone far further than a few episodes shown in a classroom years ago, and I look forward to finding out all the ways "The Frizz" will continue to inspire children.

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