Thank You To Our Mock Trial Captain, Who Made This The Best Season Possible

Thank You To Our Mock Trial Captain, Who Made This The Best Season Possible

Most of you know Aasha Shaik as one of Odyssey's most talented writers and editor in chiefs. But we know her as our captain.

Humayoon Hashmi

Most of you know Aasha Shaik as one of Odyssey's most talented writers and editor in chiefs. My teammates and I on the Rutgers Mock Trial Association know Aasha as our captain. Mock Trial is where a group of the most nerdy, talented, amazing human beings decide to pretend to be attorneys and witnesses, and put on a fake trial.

We are a family. A very dysfunctional family. Yet, we would not be the team, the family that we are were it not for our captain. We were a team of mostly newbies, with little experience and a lot to learn. But we had Aasha and I think I can say on behalf of my team, that we could not have had a better season were it not for her. So here is a token of our appreciation and love for her.

Aasha, we love you and wish you the best no matter where you end up.

"Aasha Shaik? A strong, hardworking, passionate, independent, caring, loving, beautiful, supportive. An amazing woman, an incredible mock trial captain, and a great friend. I can’t even begin to put into detail how thankful I am to have met her. She pushes me to be better and has shown me that I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it. Even when she had such a busy schedule she was able to help me practice for Mock Trial and I am forever thankful. I have never met a more dedicated and inspirational person! I’m writing this because I want to let her know how much appreciation I have for her. I’m so lucky to know the incredible superhero who is Aasha Shaik and can't wait to see her change the world." - Christine Tran

"Aasha is a beautiful soul not just because she is one of the most inspirational role models of all time and the epitome of strength and courage, but even without all of her accomplishments and goals, she is genuinely one of the most caring people I have ever met in my life. She is understanding because she empathizes and takes the time out of her busy schedule to listen to all of our worries and issues. Aasha is selfless is a captain and a human being and the world does not deserve her. Hopefully, we can do our best to give back to her all that she has given us." - Zoe

"Aasha is the most caring and selfless person I know. She always puts herself last and focuses on everyone around her. But, that being said, she also knew how to lead a team of almost completely freshmen all the way to Regionals. She is such an inspirational woman and never fails amaze me with her accomplishments both inside and outside of Mock Trial. She is one of a kind and I know the whole team will miss her dearly when she studies abroad next year." - Katie

"I love how Aasha is so loving and caring and is truly an inspiration to us all, and her immense involvement and leadership stuns me. My favorite moment was the first time I saw Aasha play the victim in this year's Mock Trial case, Kerry Bell-Leon. It was so real and authentic, and I knew Aasha was meant to be our Captain." - Ryan

"Aasha has been the best captain. At first, I was a little bit scared of her because in my try out my original partner had not shown up so Aasha had to take their place. I had already seen her during the information session and she was phenomenal; she was crying and using that British accent and it was just amazing. So when I had to go up against her in my try out, I was terrified. But, since joining the team, she has transformed in my eyes from that terrifying, but amazing, actress, to someone who is still an amazing actress but one I'm not afraid to make fun of because she doesn't eat anything but bananas. This team wouldn't have been able to accomplish what we have without her and for that I am eternally grateful. I am going to miss her so much next year because she is deciding to leave us to study abroad. But what I'm really trying to say is thank you Aasha for such a wonderful year. You are one of the best parts of this team. Thank you for being my Captain." - Ajoke

"When talking about Aasha Shaik one word is very hard to describe a person who does so much. To a freshman like me joining Mock Trial she was first officially my captain, but quickly became much more than that. Aasha over this past year has been extremely reliable, fun, and encouraging. She helped lead our practices in a way that prompted me to have a voice in decisions and problems and she was always there when I had a question or concern. Besides being a strong leader she’s been a great friend who we have shared many fun memories with. My favorite being Saturday night of regionals working together to “prepare” our changes for Sunday and watching her perform the most entertaining cross-examination I have ever seen on Sunday. I’m glad to have met Aasha and have her not only as an amazing captain, but a friend." - Zach

"She was always there to support us in our times of victory and loss. She was always there for us, when we needed somebody to just listen, encourage, and challenge us." - Mike L

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