Letters To My Family
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Letters To My Family

Here's to our new normal...

Letters To My Family

Well here we are. The time that we have not been looking forward too has finally arrived. It's been exactly 365 days since we laid our sweet angel to rest. Exactly one year has come and past since I stood up in front of over 600 people & gave a eulogy that should have never had to happen so soon. But we did it. We found our new normal together, as a family.

Here are letters to each of you that I hope you find comforting on our hardest day of the year. I love you all endlessly.

To my husband,

Thank you for being my rock. From the long nights of crying because I just wanted to see my Taylor one more time to the quiet nights of comforting back rubs after a long day just letting me know your there. God knew what he was doing when he saved you for me. I am so blessed I get to call you my husband. You are my person for life & I will love you always.

To my mom & brother,

My best friends since the very beginning. Thank you for always being just a phone call away to cry or laugh with over the past year. Thank you for always letting me know my days were going to be okay and for reminding me Taylor is with me everyday. I wouldn't have made it through this year without you. I hope I have stayed strong & made you proud. I love you bigger always.

To my big cousin Tanner,

I can't even imagine what has gone through your mind over the past year after losing Taylor, your baby sister & best friend. Your world was turned upside down and I am so deeply sorry this happened to you. I just want you to know how thankful I am that this year has brought us so close together. You have turned into the big sister I never had. Never forget how much I love you & am here for you or your family at any given moment. I promise you this next year will be filled with more weekend trips to your house, cookies and hot tea together. I love you so much Tan!

To JW,

You are such a strong person. I look up to you in so many ways, I hope you know that. I don't know what I would do if I lost my baby brother the way you lost your little sister but I can only hope God would make me half as strong as he has made you. I just know a little bit of our Taylor Mack lives within that sweet little John Taylor of yours. I hope he grows up knowing how much his Aunt Tee Tee loves him. Love you dubs.

To Aunt Shannon, Uncle Rob and Uncle Sean,

You guys are simply amazing. Thank you for continuing to show all of us non-stop love, especially through the hardest days. Thank you for supporting all of us kids endlessly. Thank you for being there always, day or night, without asking any questions. You guys have been our rock through it all. Love you so much.

To my little cousins,

I hope I have kept you safe. I hope I have been there for you over the past year whenever you have needed me. I hope you know I would go to the end of the earth to make sure nothing ever happens to any of you ever again. Always remember I am here for you whenever you need me, no matter what time of the day it may be, I will ALWAYS be here for you. Taylor is with all of us everyday & I never want any of you to ever be scared. Our angel is watching over us. I promise to keep you safe always. I love you all with all of my heart.

To Mimi & Pop-Pop,

I am so sorry. I am sorry you had to burry a grandchild. I'm sorry your world got turned upside down one Tuesday night. It should have never had to happen. I know God had plans for her in heaven that we will never understand but I hope you know how much we love you. I promise to make sure our family is okay and the kids are always taken care of. I will be that rock for you just like you both are for our family. Thank you for always giving us all everything we need without hesitating. I love you forever & always.

To Aunt Kelly, Uncle John, & my sweet little Mo,

I am so sorry. I'm sorry you had to lay your girl to rest long before her time was supposed to come to an end. I can't even begin to imagine what has happened in your household not only as a family but individually. I hope you know how much I am here for you. I would do anything in the world to take the pain away. Mo, I love you so much. I hope you know how far I would go to make sure you are always okay. Aunt Kelly & Uncle John you are my inspiration. Your strength & love you show on a daily basis is contagious. You have changed the lives of so many and I hope I have made this past year a little easier for you. We will be okay, I promise. I love you to the end of the earth.

My family, I love you. This next year will be a little easier. We will continue to find our new normal. We will be okay because everything is well with our souls

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