To My Southern Small Town For Everything It Taught Me, Thank You

To My Southern Small Town For Everything It Taught Me, Thank You

It's a place where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter.

Thanks to my southern small town, my parents raised me right.

I learned to respect my elders, say "yes, ma'am” and “yes sir,” and always speak to people I know when I see them in public — even though this southern quality can sometimes be a bad thing: you know you were raised in the South if you've experienced the pain of enduring a trip to the grocery store with your mom, and she has to stop and talk to every person she knows.

Thanks to my southern small town, I have tasted some amazing food.

From family meals to cookouts to potluck dinners at church, I've had some of best home cooked dishes that have ever been made. Fried chicken, sweet tea, biscuits and gravy, and SO many different casseroles - there's no shortage of delicious cuisine. But, I also learned, of course, that I have to eat my vegetables if I want to have any peach cobbler (and if I don't want to be left sitting at the table all night.)

Thanks to my southern small town, I can really appreciate hospitality.

"Come on in, y'all!" and "y'all come back, now!" might be some of my favorite things to hear. Nights spent playing corn hole and eating good food at a cookout, making s'mores at a bonfire, or watching a lightning storm from the tailgate of a truck might be some of the best memories, despite having a million mosquito bites once it's all over. And as annoying as the rumors of a small town can be sometimes, living in a town where everybody knows everybody isn't always such a bad thing, because you know there’s always a neighbor nearby that can help you out when you need it.

Thanks to my southern small town, I have experienced the beauty of nature.

From wide open spaces to beautiful sunsets to days spent at "The Rivah," there's no shortage of scenic views. Even simply taking in the landscape before me while driving down a back road can be awe-inspiring, and really makes me appreciate God’s creation. While we might not wake up to a beautiful blanket of snow as often as our northern neighbors, we've got our own fair share of views to appreciate.

People in the South might have the most endearing version of the English language there is — I mean, who doesn't love a good southern accent? When I hear people say "hey, y'all!" "bless your heart..." and my personal favorite, "oh my stars!" I know I'm where I'm meant to be… and I'm sorry, but it ain't in the north, darling.

It’s such a wonderful thing to grow up and to live south of the Mason-Dixon line; I wouldn't trade it for the world, and there's nowhere else I'd rather be. For as long as I live, the South will always have a piece of my heart.

Cover Image Credit: Madison Nguyen

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When You Make A Girl An Aunt, You Change Her World In All The Best Ways

When you make a girl an aunt, you make her the happiest girl in the world.


My brother and his wife recently blessed our family with the sweetest bundle of joy on planet earth. OK, I may be a little bias but I believe it to be completely true. I have never been baby crazy, but this sweet-cheeked angel is the only exception. I am at an age where I do not want children yet, but being able to love on my nephew like he is my own is so satisfying.

When you make a girl an aunt, you make her a very protective person.

From making sure the car seat is strapped in properly before every trip, to watching baby boy breathe while he sleeps, you'll never meet someone, besides mommy and daddy of course, who is more concerned with the safety of that little person than me.

When you make a girl an aunt, you give her a miniature best friend.

There is something about an aunt that is so fun. An aunt is a person you go to when you think you're in trouble or when you want something mom and dad said you couldn't have. An aunt is someone who takes you to get ice cream and play in the park to cool down after having a temper tantrum. I can't wait to be the one he runs to.

When you make a girl an aunt, she gets to skip on the difficulty of disciplining.

Being an aunt means you get to be fun. Not to say I wouldn't correct my nephew if he were behaving poorly, but for the most part, I get to giggle and play and leave the hard stuff for my brother.

When you make a girl an aunt, you give her the best listening ears.

As of right now I only listen to the sweet coos and hungry cries but I am fully prepared to listen to all the problems in his life in the future.

When you make a girl an aunt, you make her the best advice giver.

By the time my nephew needs advice, hopefully, I will have all of my life lessons perfected into relatable stories.

When you make a girl an aunt, you make her a number-one fan

Anything you do in life sweet boy, I will be cheering you on. I already know you are going to do great things.

When you make a girl an aunt, she learns what true love is.

The love I have for my nephew is so pure. Its the love that is just there. I don't have to choose to show love every day, I don't have to forgive, I don't have to worry if it is reciprocated, it is just there.

When you make a girl an aunt, you make her the happiest person in the world.

I cannot wait to watch my precious nephew grow into the amazing person that I know he is going to be.

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