A Thank You Letter To My Friends At Home

My dearest friends,

I can't believe it, but just like that, our summer has come and gone. I remember May like it was yesterday. We were so happy to be reunited and made so many bucket list goals for the summer. We saw the months ahead of us as infinite and it seemed like Fall was eons away. Now, the time has come to pack our bags and move hours away from each other again.

This moment couldn't be more bittersweet. We've made amazing memories, gone to so many memorable places, and spent endless hours settling back into our routine-- the one we perfected in high school. We came home in May as strangers who had spent a year making new friends, memories, and inside jokes. Then, we became reacquainted at the start of the summer. We relearned everyone's quirks, fell back into the same jokes, and visited all of our favorite hometown haunts. Finally, after hours in front of the fire or the pool, it's time to go back to our life at college.

Obviously, we're all eager to head back to what quickly became "home" to us-- our eclectic college campuses. Each one of us has a completely different city and friend group to head back to, and we're all missing that like crazy. After months of studying together, eating midnight pizza, and forging the sort of bond that only dorm life can bring, those people at college have become family. We miss them dearly. And sadly, soon we'll feel that homesickness from each other instead. It's back to FaceTime and GroupMe and Twitter. Its back to checking up on each other through Instagram and Facebook rather than sleepovers and board game nights. Its back to distance and missing you, and as ready as we all are to go to college, I can't help but feel a little sad at that thought.

So to you all, my lovely, kind, and joyful friends from home... thank you. You bring me the kind of happiness and comfort that only home can. I love our squabbles and flaws and differences. I feel warm and full after an evening spent grabbing ice cream at our favorite spot or a night of driving around after the street lights turn on. You are the people who have seen me through it all, from puberty to middle school boy trouble to graduation. We are as close as ever, and its hard to say goodbye. This summer has been one for the books, and I am so grateful for our friendship.

Go knock 'em dead at school, guys. I love you with all that I have. Thank you.



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