Dearest dad,

I just want to say thank you, mostly because I don't say it enough. You taught me everything I needed to know in this life. It was you who taught me and showed me what love is. It was you who held me when I was having a nightmare or a bad day. It was you who taught me how to ride a bike. You held my hand when the Disney villain scared me and you haven't stopped since. It has, and always will be, you.

I don't think I will ever regret, in fact I know I won't, regret being a daddy's girl. It has been my greatest and most favorite title to hold. You have spoiled me, loved me, spanked me, held me, and made me so mad I wanted to never speak to you again. Yet, here I am writing this letter to you. Because it was all out of love and I can not thank you enough for all those things and every moment in between.

You have shown me who I want to marry. You and mom, together, have proven to me that even in this fallen world, happiness and love still exist. You both also showed me that love isn't enough, that compromise, listening, and respect will get you just as far. You have shown me that being married for 28 years isn't easy. You and mom never tried to hide struggles from us. You never sugar coated anything. For that, I am thankful. You showed me that unless He is the center of your life and marriage, nothing will ever satisfy you.

Dad, all those crazy work hours at the hospital never went unnoticed. All those times you had to take calls and missed things, I still remember. But, I never once doubted that you did it for us girls. Your work ethic, your want to give us the best life possible, and your giving heart truly blow me away. You have shown me what selflessness looks like. You were, and still are, the definition of a hands-on daddy and I am so grateful for that.

Thank you for leading me. Thank you for leading me to Christ. Thank you for leading me to the cross. Thank you for leading me to become a want-to-work kind of woman. Thank you for never trying to make me a dependent. Thank you for leading me to be the bigger person.

And for the laughs, thank you for the countless checks towards the countless pageants. Thank you for the countless times I wanted the cute shirt in the mall. Thank you for the many times I cracked/shattered/broke all my iPhones. Thank you for the dresses, the college tuition, the many Disney trips, and everything in between. Thank you for being a kid inside and always letting that come out.

But most importantly,

thank you for dancing with me in the kitchen and always letting me know that my Father in Heaven loves me way more than you ever could and that is more than I could ever comprehend.

You rock my entire world and I love being your little princess.


Your little girl.