A Thank You Letter To My Mother

A Thank You Letter To My Mother

Thank you to my best friend, biggest supporter, and mother. You are the brightest light in my life and for that, I thank you.

Dear Mom,

It has been said many times before that “My mom is the best mom in the whole world,” but this statement could not be truer when it comes to you. Not only are you an amazing parent, but you are the spunkiest, most loving, and kindest person I know. You are my best friend and have inspired me to no end. You came from nothing and made yourself into something spectacular. Your drive and passion for life inspires me every day. Whether it is working on your career or caring for your beloved family, you are amazing.

Thank you for being you. You are beautiful inside and out, yet, it is your smile that radiates the sprouting waves of joy and happiness around every room that you enter. Your laugh is contagious. I have never met another person that loves life as much as you do. I don’t know how you deal with half of the stuff that comes up in life as you tackle it with such poise and dignity.

Thank you for spending time with me. Do you remember when I used to tell my friends I was too busy to hang out with them so that I could go to an endless amount of movies with you? I do because those were memories that I will forever cherish. Our laughs, our tears, our joys, and our sorrows are the reason that our relationship is so strong.

Thank you for always taking my photo. Whether it be for sports or family events, you are always there with the camera ready to take another snapshot. It was typical for me to usually complain an outrageous amount of the time, but I am delighted to be able to have those memories with you documented so well.

Thank you for being my role model. As I grow older, I begin to see more of you in me, and I get even more thankful for that each day. Whether it be the slight giggle you let out when you hear something funny or the way you smile and tilt your head when you hear something you like. If I could just be only half the mother than you are one day, I would be more than content with that. I love hearing about the stories of your childhood. I often compare them to my own just so that I can try to find more similarities between us.

Thank you for loving me regardless of my mistakes. Thank you for always being there as I continue to navigate these early years of my life. Thank you for being you because you are the greatest person I have ever met. Finally, thank you for letting me go and experience life for what it truly is. I can only hope that I am half the person that you are one day.


Your Daughter

Cover Image Credit: Sara Woodring

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I'm Going To Raise My Kids The Way My Parents Raised Me

I am who I am today because of my parents, and I want to teach my kids everything my parents taught me.

My parents have done SO much for me, and that's only an understatement. They have provided me with so much care and love in addition to all the materialistic things and I will forever be indebted to them for all of that. I guess one way I can make up for it is to be a good parent to my kids and pass along the values and morals that my parents passed onto me. I can only hope that I will be as good of a parent to my kids as my parents were to me.

Even as a child, my parents were never strict with me. They were strict enough that I was not wild and rude, but they gave me freedom that other kids (especially Indian kids) would have longed for, and that to me meant a lot. Even as I started middle school and high school, my parents were very lenient. It's not like I did anything bad to begin with, but they trusted me to do the right thing. They let me hang out with my friends when I wanted but made sure I knew my priorities at the same time.

Other kids' parents would yell at them and punish them for getting even one bad grade but my parents told me to just work harder next time and gave me advice on how to improve. I wasn't studying or trying to get good grades to avoid getting yelled at by my parents, I was doing it to make my parents proud of me and my achievements. There's a difference.

Both my parents grew up in small, impoverished villages in India where education was not as important or prominent. Yet they worked hard and studied while other kids their age didn't. My dad got a degree in engineering and married my mom and they were both able to move to America. My mom got a degree in accounting and then later in the medical field as a physician's assistant.

Five years of not working after my younger brother was born, she studied day and night in the field of IT and landed her first job in a couple months at a bank. Both my parents have worked so hard to provide everything that their kids (my brother and I) have needed or wanted, and that is so admirable. I cannot even imagine the struggles they had to go through to get from living a relatively poor life in a small village in India to having a middle-class life in the United States.

All their endeavors and accomplishments serve as motivation for me to live up to everything they did in whatever way I possibly can. They taught me that working hard is the only way to live a good life in this world and to become something, have a purpose in life.

Aside from all that, they taught me to be a good person. They taught me to help people when they need it and to always be kind to people because we never know when we might need their help too. They taught me a lot about my culture and religion and to appreciate all of it and understand it all in ways that many people can't. They taught me a whole language, and not only to speak it but to write and read it too.

That is so hard to do especially when a child is brought up in a country where English is the main language and where that is the only language they are to speak outside of home. I cannot thank them enough for that. Teaching a language, culture, and religion is something that is not easy to do, especially to a child.

Every personality and physical trait has somehow been influenced by my parents and I am who I am today because of them. I will continue to follow in their footsteps and only hope to pass everything they have taught me along to my kids in the future.

Cover Image Credit: Avni Gundaliya

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