A Thank You Letter To My Mother

A Thank You Letter To My Mother

Thank you to my best friend, biggest supporter, and mother. You are the brightest light in my life and for that, I thank you.

Dear Mom,

It has been said many times before that “My mom is the best mom in the whole world,” but this statement could not be truer when it comes to you. Not only are you an amazing parent, but you are the spunkiest, most loving, and kindest person I know. You are my best friend and have inspired me to no end. You came from nothing and made yourself into something spectacular. Your drive and passion for life inspires me every day. Whether it is working on your career or caring for your beloved family, you are amazing.

Thank you for being you. You are beautiful inside and out, yet, it is your smile that radiates the sprouting waves of joy and happiness around every room that you enter. Your laugh is contagious. I have never met another person that loves life as much as you do. I don’t know how you deal with half of the stuff that comes up in life as you tackle it with such poise and dignity.

Thank you for spending time with me. Do you remember when I used to tell my friends I was too busy to hang out with them so that I could go to an endless amount of movies with you? I do because those were memories that I will forever cherish. Our laughs, our tears, our joys, and our sorrows are the reason that our relationship is so strong.

Thank you for always taking my photo. Whether it be for sports or family events, you are always there with the camera ready to take another snapshot. It was typical for me to usually complain an outrageous amount of the time, but I am delighted to be able to have those memories with you documented so well.

Thank you for being my role model. As I grow older, I begin to see more of you in me, and I get even more thankful for that each day. Whether it be the slight giggle you let out when you hear something funny or the way you smile and tilt your head when you hear something you like. If I could just be only half the mother than you are one day, I would be more than content with that. I love hearing about the stories of your childhood. I often compare them to my own just so that I can try to find more similarities between us.

Thank you for loving me regardless of my mistakes. Thank you for always being there as I continue to navigate these early years of my life. Thank you for being you because you are the greatest person I have ever met. Finally, thank you for letting me go and experience life for what it truly is. I can only hope that I am half the person that you are one day.


Your Daughter

Cover Image Credit: Sara Woodring

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15 Texts You Send To The Best Friend You're A Little TOO Close With

5. "Do we like this?"

There are friends, there are best friends, and then there are the people you consider closer than anyone in the world.

Whether they live near or far, here are 15 texts you know you'll be sending them:

1. "Do you want to sleep in my bed?"

Who needs a guest room when you have a twin bed and an extra blanket?

2. "If we're both single in 20 years we're getting a cat and living together."

Chances are, you'll both and up crazy cat ladies, anyway.

3. "Did you take your meds this morning?"

Each other's health is the most important thing to both of you and chances are, you're more on top of it than them.

4. "Are you done being dramatic or do I need to wait another hour?"

You both either thrive on drama or hate it - but either way, you're going to be dramatic and your other half is going to have to put up with it.

5. "Do we like this?"

Decisions are never made without each other.

6. "I love your dog more than you."

You also miss their dog more than them.

7. "Go like my Instagram post."

This text comes right after asking them which selfie out of a thousand to post.

8. "Don't you dare text him. You already texted him didn't you?"

Unless you're there to take their phone away, you'll text this (or get this text) on the regular.

9. "I took your shirt."

Your closet is their closet and vice versa.

10. "Where were you, you didn't text me for 3 minutes."

It's rare to go even ONE minute without texting.

11. "Does this look weird?"

You never leave the house without consulting each other.

12. "I'm at your house are you coming home or not?"

Your house is their house and vice versa (just like their wardrobe).

13. "I hate him so you hate him too."

You share all the same enemies.

14. "You'll never guess who I just saw..."

You know everything about each other's other friends (or ex-friends) - and the gossip that goes with them.

15. "You're okay I guess."

Translated to: "I'm so glad you're my best friend and I love you more than anything."

Cover Image Credit: Emmie Pombo

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Mom, You Were Right — You Were Right About Everything

Now that those teenage years are over, I realize how much you taught me over the years, even when I refused to listen.


I never realized how as a teenager how much I disagreed with my mom and how clueless I thought she was about almost anything. I would easily get annoyed if she tried to give me advice on friends, boys, food, and life in general, but now that I'm older I realize she was right about nearly everything.

Thinking back to middle school and high school, and all the days in between school, there were so many fake friends I had, girl issues I had, all these problems I had, and I thought I knew it all, but it's crazy how little I actually knew.

I wish I would have listened when you told me certain people were not true friends because for so long I wanted to believe they were my friends, but you could see how they treated me, and all you ever were was concerned for my happiness and now I know that.

The same with dating too... It's almost like you had some sort of x-ray vision that could see straight through people and who they really were the moment they came around, but not me. I wanted to believe that you just wanted me to be friends and date only certain people you knew. Any guy who even sent one red flag concerned you, because you were looking out for me.

But Mom, you weren't just right about people you were also right about things, such as eating my vegetables and fruits, reading books just for fun, studying hard (because now I'm so much further thanks to you), saving my money for things I need more than things I want.

I know that now and again you made mistakes, just as I have, but it all came down to you caring and loving me from day one, and I wish I realized that then.

I now take your advice gladly, and probably for almost any decision I make. I even find myself now asking for help with outfits, and colors to paint rooms, and you're even right about those things. I know they say wisdom comes with age, but for you, it just came naturally... So how lucky am I to have someone looking out for me every step of the way, making sure I don't make the mistakes you wish you wouldn't have, even if they were big or small.

It must be a superhero power of some sort to have the intelligence you do, and I truly hope I inherit it one day. As I'm sitting here today thinking of this and writing about this, I can't help but think how thankful I am for all your nagging (which at times still gets on my nerves), but now I understand it isn't for your ego or anything along those lines, it has been for me and my life. So Mom, I just wanted to let you know I will always eat my vegetables now, never let someone treat me like dirt, and I'll forever be here for you too.

Cover Image Credit:

Mikaela Cok

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