dear sweet pups, thank you for being the light of my life

dear sweet pups, thank you for being the light of my life

You both are so special in your own ways, and you will always take up an enormous part of my heart.


To my sweet pups,

Even though you both have only been a part of my life for a short while, you have brought me so much happiness. I remember each day I came home to find you both, the grin on my face extending to my ears. I couldn't even begin to imagine how much joy you both would bring into my life.

We didn't adopt you as puppies and we didn't adopt you when I was a child. I didn't get to see you grow up and I didn't get to grow up with you, but that doesn't make me love you any less. Being able to be your new family and your new home was more than enough for me. I've loved being able to watch your personalities develop from the day we brought you home to now. You both are so special in your own ways, and you will always take up an enormous part of my heart.

Coming home and having you there at the door to greet me, jumping and whining because you were so excited, could make me smile even on the worst days. No matter what was going on in my life, no matter how down I felt, you both were always the little light to help brighten up my day. It amazed me that you both could tell when I was having one of those days; I would sit crying in my room and you would come in with your tail wagging and sit next to me and just let me cry, and that little comfort was all I needed to get through those times. I wish I could tell you how much that meant to me.

One of the hardest parts about leaving for college is not seeing your two sweet faces every day. You both are family to me, and just like not seeing the rest of my family, it's hard not to be able to see you two every day, especially when I know you both won't be there to comfort me when I'm having a bad day.

You two have been everything I could ever wish for in a dog. You both are so different but I love you both the same. I wish you could read this and I wish I could tell you just how much you two mean to me. The two sweet little lights in my life, thank you. Thank you for being there for me without thinking about it. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being a part of our family.

It hurts whenever I come home to visit and have to leave because I can't tell you that I'll be back. I hate seeing that look on your faces. I wish I could tell you I'll always come back and I wish I could tell you both that I will love you forever. I hope you both know that, even if I can't tell you.

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Mia McLaughlin

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I Have More Photos Of My Dog On My Phone Than People And I Am Perfectly Fine With That

Dogs are better than people.


First things first, my dog is my best friend.

This may seem weird, but fellow dog owners that know the joys of companionship understand this. I have other friends. Human friends. But honestly, I would rather spend time hanging out with my dog. With all our good times together, there is bound to be an abundance of photos.

Rebecca Swyers

Having the 100's of photo's of my dog, Millie, on my phone makes bad days better. Since I am going to college in another state, I do not get the luxury of living with my dog at the moment. Apart from the rare FaceTime calls with her that I painfully put my dad through, these photo's of her are all that I have. That might be a good thing, it might not be the brightest idea for a 20-year-old to be caring for a dog on a budget but that does not mean I do not miss her.

Am I feeling sad? Look at pictures of my pup. Happy? More pictures. Do I miss my dog? Then that is the best way to cope! Looking at pictures of your dog will always make you feel better and ensures happiness all around. All dogs make everyday life special and anyone who has a furry friend of their own understands that!

Yes, I have photos of my friends and the places I travel to. Of course! I want to cherish those memories and I have a lot of photos from them. But I have more pictures of my dogs because who else is going to be that cute? Nobody! Even when I have had a boyfriend in the past, there was still more pictures of my dog. I wish there was even more than there is honestly.

I mean, what do dogs do that is not cute enough for a photoshoot? I have pictures of my dog sleeping, running, walking, eating, playing, cuddling, and the list goes on and on. Some pictures are beautifully posed and others are just derpy.

Rebecca Swyers

Dogs are a gift we do not deserve.

I think everyone should give their pupperoni's an extra hug and kiss today while taking a cute photo of/with them. Having plenty of pictures of them is so important because unlike friends or family, they on this earth for a short amount of time (sad, I know). We have to cherish the 10, give or take, years we get with them on earth. I want my kids to remember their first dog and have pictures with them to cherish for the rest of their life. I want to remember the dog I have now in 30 years when I am in a different season of life, possibly with a new dog.

Having more photos of my dog than anyone else is a blessing, not a curse. When people forsake me, my dog is always there. Having these photo's will be the memories of my baby that I will have forever.

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11 Of The Greatest Dog Breeds, And What Makes Them Great

Some dog breeds that could potentially be my future companion.


Everyone has favorites, we all pick our favorite foods to eat, clothes to wear and jewelry to wear. The difference is sometimes our favorites aren't the best option for us. Having some greens once in a while instead of pizza is good for me. Sometimes, we look better in blue than our favorite shade of red, and sometimes, we have to wear some gold jewelry than our go-to silver. This is a list of not only my favorites but also some breeds of dogs I could see myself having because they would be a good fit for me.

I also would like to add that I am a cat person. However, I love all cat breeds, so that would be hard.

1. French Bulldogs

Hands-down, my favorite dog. They are so cute to me and they are chubby and so cute with all those wrinkles. The downside is the medical bill with this breed, but I could definitely see me get a Frenchie in the future.

2. Pugs

Again, the wrinkles are too adorable to not have! I will say, that I don't really think that I will end up having a pug, but they are really cute and I will continue watching pug videos on the gram.

3. Jack Russels

Jack Russels are a basic dog in my opinion. They are good dogs, good companions, and just happy dogs. I could see myself having a Jack Russel.

4. Pomeranian

Now, if I were to get this kind of dog, it would have to be a tiny version. This dog would have to have constant grooming appointments and be a cute stylish puppy. They are cute, but in my opinion, only because of the hair.

5. Labs

I really don't think of myself as a big dog type of person, however, I've been around labs my whole life. I believe that they are very loyal, and really good dogs. I also have seen a lot of kids and lab videos to warm my heart to get me to this decision.

6. German Shepards

This is a shaky type of breed for me. I have two German Shepards at home. One I get along with great, the other, not as much.

7. Chihuahua

Oh, yes! These crazy yippie dogs are on my list. Why? Because chihuahuas were my childhood fantasy. It sealed the deal when "Beverly Hills Chihuahuas" came out and one named Chloe was a main character. Now, it is not a solid deal as the breed once was, but I figured I would put this on there.

8. Pit Bulls

I think pit bulls carry a stereotypical bad reputation. In my mind, I feel as though pit bulls have the same personality as I do. They are very sweet dogs, but sometimes are clumsy or are sometimes too feisty. I saw a pitbull mix the other day and all the dog wanted to do was play with me. I think I would really get along with this dog breed.

9. Pomsky 

Just look up a picture and you will instantly want one too. So fluffy and cute!!!

10. Akita

I don't know a lot about this kind of breed, but by seeing their pictures I think they are cute but pretty protective dogs. I think they are kind of leaders and would be great for children.

11. Stray Dogs

I know this isn't a dog breed, but thinking about how all these different dogs come with price tags, why not rescue a dog for less? This could be great or the dog could not get along with the environment and it could go downhill. The good news is though, that doing this process, the people in charge help the dogs gradually change for it to work out for both parties and I think it is a great process. I have also have had ideas about fostering dogs in the future, so I think topic of my article was more than needed to talk about.

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