1. Family is Important

When all else fails, family will always be there for you. There are times when our parents will want things for us we would not want for ourselves. It is only because they know what is best. They have already been in our shoes. Family is what helps keep your culture and roots apart of your life.

2. Culture is Important

Always remember where you come from, and never lose who you are. Knowing where you come from and what your roots can influence on the person you are now can be helpful to who you will be. Without culture there would be no room for growth of individuality and everyone around you would seem the same with no distinguishing factors.

3. No matter what society sets for you, only you can tell your inner strength

Moana taught girls that we do have this hidden inner strength. That we might not need a man to give us some power. We have inner strength that we should be proud of. There is determination to do somethings with ourselves besides the common answer of just being what society decides for us.

4. Practice makes perfect

During the movie Maui helps Moana with her sailing and for days she tries over and over just to get it right. A lot of times we take for granted just what practicing can do for our greater good. Giving up on the first ten tries because you could not perfect the craft or work is not going to help your mind set when you have an important task at hand.

5. Decide how far you'll go

Listen to the song in your heart and the voice in your ear. You'll never know for sure who you are until you dance to your own song. Don't hide behind the reef because of the known, go out to sea where there is so much more out beyond for us. Take the risk and have faith that something will come out of it.