I haven't had the best of luck in my relationship life and I've grown to be okay with it.

I've met most of the boys I've dated on Tinder and it has brought me a lot of life lessons that have helped me grow as a person. These casual relationships haven't been the greatest since they did not last very long but they shaped me into becoming more independent.

Two of those boys I dated, I still talk to on an everyday basis and we've decided that it was best being better off as friends but one of those boys, he broke my heart and have no plans to ever talk to him again.

Here I expose those three boys who have made a significant impact in my love life:

1. One Taught Me Love

We matched and started talking during December of 2017, which was a bit after my disastrous date with the boy who taught me patience (who you will read about below). I was not planning to reply to any messages I had gotten from guys I was matching with during this time since it was always the same old story of a horny guy looking to hookup as it is something I am extremely uninterested in. But one day I was bored and I was looking to get a kick out of roasting guys who messaged me. So I responded back to this particular boy who told me he would promised to send me a plethora of memes, GIFs, and vines. Although I was trying my best to destroy his ego, it had become really hard to do so and realized that we really hit it off but like most guys on Tinder, he was looking for a hookup. Although I turned him down, he was a gentleman about the situation, which was VERY RARE as every time I turned a guys down, they'd be a major assholes and block me. He still wanted to remain talking to me and it would eventually lead into us becoming really great friends. This boy is so dear to my heart and I appreciate his friendship so much as he helped me start loving myself more. He would always compliment me when I least felt like I deserved it. He always ALWAYS brings a smile to my face whenever we talk even though it is completely platonic. I definitely believe that the honesty we shared with one another since the very beginning is what helped us stay friends. Still to this day, we continue to snapchat each other every day and he continues to constantly compliment me since he goes to school out of state but I love having him around in my life and I am very thankful to have met him.

2. One Taught Me Patience

I don't remember exactly when I matched with this boy but I remember he messaged me first and I did not reply for a few weeks until I got bored and wanted to roast some thirsty boys. He was the "rebound" after the boy that taught me pain (who you will read about below) and I broke things off so I was not looking for anything at all but I was back on Tinder to keep my mind off my pain. After a few weeks of ignoring his message, I replied back with a very savage GIF and somehow it eventually led to great conversation. He lived over a hundred miles away from me so prior to meeting him, we would talk daily since it was hard to meet up since I didn't have a car nor did I want him to drive so far when there was a possibility it would not work out. I waited to meet him for two months and when we did meet up, it wasn't what I had hoped for. I thought the date idea was great and had fun exploring DTLA but we had no chemistry whatsoever. I realized that it was the worth the wait to figure out that I needed to be more patient when it came to dating. He taught me that it was important to wait to find the "right" person and not worth rushing into things after a breakup that did me dirty. Him and I still talk to this day although he ghosted me for a few months after our disastrous date but glad to have made a good friend.

3. One Taught Me Pain

This boy and I matched around November of 2016 and began talking as soon as him and I matched. He complimented me right off the bat, saying that I was the most beautiful girl he had ever matched with (which I ultimately realized that it was all BS talk). We talked everyday and he was always very lovey-dovey with me, which I thought was wonderful but it was because he wanted me to just be his fuck-buddy but I wanted more than that. So, him and I were very on-and-off for over a year and a half because he kept handing me fake promises so he could get what he wanted but I would refuse every time, thankfully. He was one I shared all my insecurities and intimate details with which was something I had never done before. Unfortunately, each time we broke up, he used those things against me to hurt me. I spent so much time trying to make things with him and I work but it would just end up hurting me so much. I would come back each time I felt lonely and felt like I needed him when in reality it was so toxic to keep doing that to myself. Being with him was a major waste of my time and even though he taught me a lot of pain, I realized my worth and this "relationship" showed me that I never want to feel that kind of pain ever again.