While it's normal to grieve after a loss or a breakup, two things Ari has recently had to endure, her new song, "thank u, next," is undeniably inspiring. I think we can all learn a thing or two from her lyrics.

Breakups suck. They're hard for everyone, and for people in the public eye, it definitely has to be difficult to get some peace of mind.

I guess that's why there are so many songs about heartbreak.

However, Ariana Grande gave break up songs a whole new meaning when she released "thank u, next" over the weekend.

Yes, it hurts when someone doesn't love you anymore. It hurts when someone changes. It hurts when someone breaks your trust. You're allowed to hurt. But you wouldn't be the person you are today without all of those times of sadness.

It's only when we look back that we realize how much certain events and people have shaped us.

At the beginning of the song, Ariana mentions all of her ex's and says she is grateful for each person.

It's time we all start doing this.

There are plenty of songs out there that bash exes, dwell on negativity and discuss low self-esteem, but why not adopt Ariana's gratitude toward breakups instead?

There's no need to be ashamed that something did not work out.

It didn't work out because the universe has something else coming your way.

While you never know if the next one will be a blessing or a lesson, either way, you'll gain something. You'll gain self-love and develop a deeper understanding of what it is you actually want in a person.

We have all been concerned for Ariana Grande because of everything she has had to recover from since the attack at her concert in Manchester, her breakup with Mac Miller, his death, and the end of her engagement to Pete Davidson.

How can one person handle so much loss?

Ariana wants us to know that through the time of her losses, she has endured just as much love.

Post Mac and Pete, we were expecting a single or two about her heartbreak and pain. And that's what she gave us, but instead of telling us about how much pain she is in, she told us just how thankful she is about how strong all of it has made her.

This single is inspiring, it's empowering and it gives everyone who listens a new perspective on how to recover from not just a breakup, but any life-heartbreak.

Thank you, Ariana, for your positive outlook on life and for sharing it with us so we can do the same.