Ariana Grande is one of the most impressive girl bosses I've seen to date. She just lost one of her ex-boyfriends to an accidental overdose and she just ended her short engagement to Pete Davidson, yet, she is still producing killer music. Her newest song "thank u, next" is an anthem to all girls.

Ariana Grande - thank u, next (lyric video) YouTube

1. "But he wasn't a match"

Every girl meets different men and all of them or none of them will be your perfect match.

2. "Now, I'm so amazing"

Ariana Grande is a walking build board for someone not needing a man to be a boss a** woman.

3. "Spend more time with my friends"

When one breaks up with who they thought was the love of their lives, they seem to go into a downward spiral. Ari is the walking truth that if you spend time with friends, you'll make it out alright.

4. "Plus, I met someone else... 'cause her name is Ari"

AHHH! She's just amazing! Once again proving that you need to find yourself to be truly thankful for your past. I've defiantly have found myself through hard times and it just made me more thankful

5. "One day I'll walk down the aisle, Holding hands with my mama"

Ari proves yet again you do not need a dad to walk down the aisle. She proves that she made it big with a single mother. You do not need a man to be successful.

6. "Only wanna do it once, real bad, Gon' make that shit last"

Every day we hear about a celebrity couple divorcing. It's a fresh of breath air to hear that Ari is one that wants to have a relationship that lasts forever.

7. "I've learned from the pain"

Yes girl! Preach! The pain only matters is if you learn to overcome it!

8. "I've loved and I've lost, But that's not what I see"

If you can see the good out of all the bad that you have in your life, you are winning.

9. "Cause look what I've found"

Ari found herself through this past month of pain and hurt and quite frankly that is what matters the most.

10. "Thank you, next"

Everyone you encounter in your lifetime shapes who you will become. So you need to thank them, but move on!