Thank You Letter To The Boy Who Broke My Heart

Thank You Letter To The Boy Who Broke My Heart

I'm glad that you were the person to show me love and heartbreak all in one.


To the boy who broke my heart for the first time,

I know I received the closure I needed from you a long time ago; I no longer need any answers from you on the way things had ended. Recently, I had been thinking about how we left things and realized I had never thanked you. You may be wondering what I could possible have to thank you for and that maybe I am just being sarcastic, but I'm not. There are many things I've been meaning to thank you for and this is my thank you letter that's been long due.

Thank you for the memories you gave me.

I still remember the day you asked me to be your girlfriend. It happened so suddenly, yet I think we both knew it was meant to happen. The feeling of happiness that overcame me was and still is an emotion I will never be able to shake. I don't think I ever really knew true happiness until that day and I will never let the memory of that slip away. From time to time, I recall our other memories we made like homecoming, handing out candy together on Halloween, clinging onto each other as we made our way through that haunted attraction, spending Christmas and New Years together, and spending our first and last prom together. I don't think I would want to replace you in these special memories with anyone. So thank you for these moments.

Thank you for the laughs.

I never knew a person could make me laugh until I cry as much as you. I still remember the inside jokes and the times you would make stupid remarks just to hear me laugh. The nights we would be up together at 2 am laughing so hard over nothing make me smile still. You were always the one person I knew I could go to that would turn my day around with just one of your goofy comments. Despite the sadness I feel from remembering these times, I hold great virtue towards the innocence of these and I truly thank you for that.

Thank you for being the person I honestly trusted.

I do not open up easily, and you knew this. However, the box of secrets and childhood traumas and things that make me who I am became available to you so quickly. It's crazy to look back and see how much trust I put in you; you are the only person who knows every fiber of my being. Before you, it was hard for me to believe I could ever break down my walls for another person. So thank you for letting me finally see that I do not need to build my walls so high.

Thank you for the love you gave me.

If someone had asked me what love looked like, I would have told them to look at us. I always thought love was a rare feeling that only the truly lucky ones got to experience. Man, oh man, how lucky I was. You took me as I am and loved every inch of what I was. To this day, I still remember the passion and love I felt just from staring into your eyes. I had never felt such pure bliss until I fell in love with you. You should me that I am capable of loving someone this much and I hope I can show that capability to another love again someday. So thank you for allowing me to experience such a surreal feeling.

Most of all, thank you for breaking my heart.

This final thank you may sound snarky and sarcastic, but really, thank you. You were my first love and my first heart break. During our time together, I felt as if I was on some high, flying through the clouds without a care in the world. But the minute you told me it was over, I crashed so quick and without any warning. It was such an agonizing feeling, almost as if someone shoved their hand into my chest and ripped my heart out. I felt like a broken, empty shell of a body scattered across the floor. I would not wish this type of pain on my worst enemy. At the time, I was completely and utterly enraged with you; I wholeheartedly did not think I would be over to get it. But here we are, a year later, and when I revisit the past, I am no longer bitter with the situation. I finally see this as an experience that happened exactly the way it was supposed to. I'm glad that you were the person to show me love and heartbreak all in one. And I know we don't talk anymore, but if you see this, please know that I really do thank you and appreciate everything we went through. I hope you find another person someday, as well.

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