I was raised in a home where college was never an option. However, the topic of college was never talked about until it came to applying to one. My dad is a college professor, which was a wonderful resource to have during the application process. He would tell me what university admission boards wanted to see and what they didn’t.

When it came to adjusting to life as a college student, I did not need much help. My parents were supportive, yet also allowed for me to figure things out for myself. As I watched friends in middle school and high school ask their parents for help with homework and projects, I was jealous.

However, once I reached college, I found that I was no longer upset about how my parents challenged me. I was used to doing things on my own and without adult supervision. This allowed me to focus more on the reason why I was at Creighton rather than the transition itself.

The only changes that I experienced were due to time management. I was not used to the extra time. I had to adjust to studying more than I used to. I never considered studying to be “homework.” It was always separate and most of the time not needed.

When reflecting on my relationship with my parents, I find that I am grateful. Their strict attitudes and harsh punishments were not for nothing. I owe my accomplishments to how I was raised and those who supported me even when I did not ask for it.

Next time you talk to your parents or loved ones, make sure to thank them. They shaped us into the fine young men and women we are today. Through all of the fights and disagreements, they had our backs and it's about time that we have theirs.