A Thank You Letter To My Uber Driver
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A Thank You Letter To My Uber Driver

A letter we all should write.

A Thank You Letter To My Uber Driver

Dear All The Uber Drivers,

There aren't enough thank you's in the world to tell you in one short letter, but here is my attempt. Some might say your job is just driving people from A to B, but in reality you do so much more than that. You guys are much overlooked and not appreciated in the way you deserve. I can easily state from every college student's perspective that Uber has turned into one of my best friends and, the most reliable one in fact.

Here are just a few necessary thank you's that should've been said a long time ago:

Thank You Uber, for being only one easy tap away and a few short minute wait until you arrive.

Thank You Uber, for listing the car and color to make you easy to find in a mob of people.

Thank You Uber, for rescuing me from the dirty frats when my friends all leave me for boys.

Thank You Uber, for going through the Taco Bell Drive Thru when there is a line of 20 cars.

Thank You Uber, for providing a picture of my driver so I feel comfortable who I am getting in the car with.

Thank You Uber, for allowing me to use my credit card so I never have to carry cash out with me again.

Thank you Uber, for calling and finding me when I request you at the wrong location because I have zero sense of direction.

Thank You Uber, Driver for immediately becoming my BFF as I ask you questions to break the awkward silence in the car ride

Thank You Uber Driver for entertaining me by telling me funny stories of your past passengers.

Thank You Uber, for allowing me to split the fare with friends so I don't get stuck paying for the ride all by myself.

Thank You Uber, for dealing with mine, and many many others drunkenness and not judging (even though you probably do).

Lastly Thank You Uber, for always being there for me and picking me up at any second of any day even if its four in the morning (sorry about that the other night...).

I have so much respect for you and what you do for others. You truly are the most selfless person out there. Uber has changed my college life and I now know that I have a friend any where I go by one tap of a button. And I know I can rely on you to pick me up whenever.

Thank you again, and I will see you later tonight!


Uber Passenger

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