Thank You Grandma And Grandpa For Being My World

Thank You Grandma And Grandpa For Being My World

The fact that I put words to our relationship still surprises me.

Grandma and Grandpa,

The words “thank you,” don't even close to describing the amount of love and appreciation I have for you guys and for everything you have done throughout my 18 years. The song I played for you during the candle lighting ceremony at my Bat Mitzvah best describes how I know you will always unconditionally love me “Eight Days a Week," which also represents our mutual obsession with The Beatles.

I often think about my friends who have to travel to other states in order to see their grandparents, which they can only do during school breaks, and I wonder how they deal with that. I thankfully don't have to worry about that. I just have to call or text you and I know I'll be invited to a gourmet homemade meal that night.

On any given time of any day, I can quickly jump in my car for the 2-minute drive to your house or work to hang out.

I do not for one-second take for granted that fact that we live in the same town. You guys have come to so many school functions and games - in fact, Grandpa is one of the most familiar faces on the fields and in the gymnasium of Hewlett High School.

I also have so many vivid memories of when we lived in your house. Coming downstairs so early on school days where Grandma, you and I would do our best bonding. You sang the best learning songs and taught me so much during those special days - it's definitely because of you that I was able to read so early!

I’ll never forget all of the fashion shows the night before school when Emmie and I would show off what we would be wearing the next day.

Thank you for instilling in me the importance of family and traditions.

You two are most definitely the glue of the family, and without you guys, none of our lives would be the same. I wouldn’t be lucky enough to have my cousins, aunts, and uncles so close to me, and I definitely wouldn’t be considered “1 of 8.”

You never let any little argument between any of the eight of us kids go unsettled immediately, and your encouragement and instilling in us how the friendship and relationship among all of us cousins are more valuable than any friendship we can make in school. And you are right.

I'm sure no other kid has an annual "It’s Not Hanukkah Yet Party," where they get to decorate the Grandparents house and get pre-Hanukkah Presents. I'm sure not many Grandparents are able to sustain the attention of 8 teenagers playing the board games "Who's Smarter Than a Fifth Grader," and "Family Feud." (Well the huge bag of cash for prizes kind of helped too).

Having to make little Thanksgiving Gourmet Treats with our older and younger cousins on Thanksgiving is just another tradition that you make so much fun. Grandma, your insane cooking for every holiday will always be something I cherish for the rest of my life. You never fail to surprise me with the biggest and littlest gifts for all or no occasions at all.

You always have something up your sleeve and always an amazing way of surprising all of us.

You guys have given me the world, literally. Whether it was spoiling our entire crew by vacationing us to the Atlantis twice a year for 14 years or going to Mexico, Hawaii, Disney, Paris, and London, you have shown me everything. So many of our best memories were made on these trips, and there's always a new family joke that comes out of each one.

Losing Ethan in Disney, me clumsily falling in a pool in Hawaii while walking to dinner, leaving Emmie in the bathroom at the Atlantis, the big red tomato van in Arizona, and of course, remember when our flight got canceled?

Thank you for being children at heart and making everything so much more fun for us. Walking into your house is always an exciting adventure since any given dinner can turn into an adventurous night. You have so successfully learned how to keep us kids involved despite the fact that we're getting older.

Whether I’m messing around with you, Grandpa, hitting you and bumping hips, or sitting on the couch and watching some much-needed Law and Order, I can definitely say our relationship is one of a kind.

Grandma, I can always count on you for cutting my hours short at work even when I’m still working! (JK, had to get it out there though). And thanks for ALWAYS being there for me; for my calls when I'm happy, for my facetimes when I'm sad. The best and most frank advice I can get is from you.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for anything and everything.

To both of you, thank you so much for showing me what true love is and what it should be - 52 years and still going strong! I hope that one day I am lucky and fortunate enough to be in your shoes. You guys have been two of the most important role models for the last 18 years, and I know that you will be forever.

Love you always,

Lindsay Camryn

Cover Image Credit: Lindsay Cohn

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So I Say Thank You (Grandy) For The Music, The Songs I'm Singing, Thanks For All The Joy They're Bringing

A favorite song of World War II survivor proves to be how his legacy lives on through granddaughter.
MARCH 8th, 2012: It started out as just another day of the eighth-grade, but ended as the day my grandfather was called home to heaven.

To be exact, my 13-and-a-half-year-old self didn’t know what to think as my spunky, jack-of-all-trades "Grandy" grew so weak he couldn't leave his bed. I might have been off playing in a soccer game during his last hour, but, thankfully, I saw him every day before that to have my time to say "Dasvindanyia."

As his complexion turned pale and his blue eyes faded to a dull grey, it would have been easy for Grandy to give up. Yet, even in the bitter end, his faith did not waver, and he remained hopeful.

Everyone claims to have the best parents and grandparents; however, I truly do. Even people not related to him recognized the wonder that was my Grandy.

"We were so moved by the beautiful funeral service and the heartfelt stories of your dear Herman- He was such a great man and a saint! Our hearts go out to you in this sad time of his loss. We know God has a special reward in Heaven for Herman for the kindness and love he gave every day. So very sorry for your loss of a loving husband and best friend, dad and granddad." - Lorraine and Dale Brown

After growing up during World War II, it is clear to see where he got his drive to never give up from. He was a fiercely courageous family man that always put others before himself as he inspired us all to live each day to the fullest.

Being baptized in secret was just the beginning of Grandy's hardships. He was born in St. Petersburg, Russia during the war, hence the need to be baptized into the Catholic faith in private. Due to a divide in work camp placements, the last time Grandy saw his dad was at the age of two.

My great-grandfather, Otto, had sent my great-grandmother, Serafima, a note via messenger that read:

"Get out and don't come back."

Eventually, Serafima and her two kids were able to escape the work camps. While the older daughter was able to walk, Serafima dragged Grandy through the fields in a blanket since he was too little to walk great distances.

While it took many years for things to settle down, and they constantly had to move around Europe, Grandy went on to learn five different languages and got to attend school. Despite having to walk barefoot (in order to save his single pair of shoes for actual class), Grandy was glad he could get an education.

Everything Grandy's childhood didn’t have, he made sure ours did. Whether it was building us a tree fort, or surprising us with baby chicks — Grandy moved mountains every single day.

Cancer might have taken his life on earth, but his legacy lives on.

On the 8th of each month, I think fondly of my precious grandfather. With my half-birthday falling on the anniversary of his death and November 8th being Grandy’s birthday, clearly, the number eight must be important!

One day, when I was feeling extremely down and out, Grandy decided to interrupt my soothing Spotify playlist to blare “Thank You For The Music” (our favorite song).

It's the little reminders like these from my angel Grandy that remind me I can overcome any obstacle.

"Thank you (Grandy) for the music, the songs I'm singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me."

DASVIDANIYA until we meet again.


your Super G.

Cover Image Credit: Pamela Johnson

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One Of My Best Friends Is An 86-Year-Old Woman

The close relationship I've had with my "Mamaw" has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

The headline for this probably sounds weird to you, but it's true. I consider my grandmother to be one of my very best friends. We've been close for as long as I can remember and I can't imagine being anything close to who I am today without her guidance and support.

"Mamaw," as we call her, or "MJ" (short for "Mamaw Jo") has been a huge influence in my life since I was small. I spent countless hours at her house eating home-cooked food, making birthday cakes for stuffed animals, and learning how to be who I am today.

Together with my grandfather, "Papaw," she showed me the proper way to make biscuits and gravy and how to play cards. The two of them made sure that each one of their seven children, almost twenty grandchildren, and now close to ten great-grandchildren knew nothing but kindness and unconditional love from them.

Fast forwarding now to my college years and I begin to find this entire new respect for M.J.

We'd always been close, but over the course of the three semesters I'd been in college, I had been learning more and more of her story and of my family history. She did all of those things for us when we were little, but her life before that blows me away sometimes. She had to stop going to school after sixth grade to help take care of her large family, yet she still held a full-time job after her kids went to school to help out with income.

She took care of her husband, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren with little to no complaining, even when money was really tight or when one of us was being a brat.

She has spent her entire life meeting every challenge and every person with nothing but kindness, patience, and love.

I discovered that she truly is one of my best friends over winter break; I spend quite a bit of break staying with her while she recovered from a fall. During this time, the limited options of things to do in our small town were narrowed even further due to snow, so we spent a lot of time in her house drinking coffee (which, according to her "can fix anything") and reading books, something that we've both always loved to do.

In those quiet winter moments spent sitting by a fire, stories were swapped, laughs were had, and, as corny as it sounds, memories were made. That's when it dawned on me that there was little to no difference between hanging out with Mamaw and hanging out with my friends at school.

Is it weird to think that my grandmother is one of my best friends? Not in the slightest.

Her wisdom and guidance are something that I value deeply. The fact that I've gotten to have this really unique and close relationship with her for my entire life is something that I consider to be a huge blessing not just because of her, but also because I know how rare it is. I'll never be able to truly express how cool and amazing she is as a role model, grandmother, and friend.

Now, to you, MJ, best friend, thank you for being all that you are. I love you "all there is and more too!"

Cover Image Credit: Lily Snodgrass

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