Thank God That You're My Mom


My whole life it's been you and I. We've fought against the world, but it's always been us together through it all. You've struggled, you've failed, you've hit rock bottom. And as your only child, I watched you fight, persevere, and be so strong when I know it wasn't easy for you. Being a single parent during some of the toughest times to raise a child wasn't easy. I know things seemed impossible. I know it felt impossible.

But you showed me that nothing is impossible if you work hard. I'm one of the lucky ones because I never knew we struggled, I never knew you failed, I never knew things weren't easy. I saw you smile, love me, and fight through some really tough things because that's what you had to do. For me. For you. For us. I never had to struggle. I never had to fear. Because you reminded me that things were okay. Even when they weren't, they were okay.

You made it through some really hard times, so I know that I can too.

Things eventually started to get a little easier and you never looked back. I watched you. I learned from you. And as I become older, I feel as though I am becoming you. You have given me everything I could ever ask for. You have shown me how to fight through the tough times and smile even when it's hard. You have shown me that love conquers all if you just let it. You have shown me that I deserve the world even when I don't feel like I deserve anything at all. You have supported me, you have loved me, and you have cared for me.

I know I haven't been easy to parent. I know that I'm stubborn, that I don't listen to any advice you give me, that I "was" defiant, selfish, and dramatic. But as I have grown into the woman that you have helped shape me into, I've realized that God designed you perfectly to be able to handle all of that.

Thank you for wiping my tears over stupid boys (and those mean girls sometimes), for dealing with me during my angsty teenage years, for all of the money you spent at Holister and Hot Topic for clothes that would go out of style in 6 months, for your patience when it wasn't easy to be my mom, for sending me to college, and for letting me chase after my dreams even if it meant letting me go.

You are the perfectly imperfect mother, woman, and wife that I could only hope to be. I am so incredibly blessed to call you my mom. You were made perfectly for me. To be my role-model, my mentor, my provider, my supporter, and my whole heart.

Your strength, your passion, your love, and your determination are the reason that I am who I am today.

Thank you, mom. For simply being you. For raising your only child into a strong, hard-headed, independent woman. I wouldn't be who I am today without you. I love you.

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