Dear My Boyfriend's mother who gave birth to my person, my other half and the love of my life,

Thank you for letting me have him. Thank you for letting him and I date even though you didn't like the idea. I promise, he'll be OK.

Thank you for letting me into his life. I love the idea of you letting me have him. After all of these years, I realized, he's the guy I was meant to be with.

I promise you these things, once I move to Virginia to be with him, I promise you I will love him forever and a day.

I promise you I'll make him happy on his worst days.

I promise you I'll be there for him when things get rough.

I promise you I'll take care of your little boy who became my other half, 15 years later.

I promise I'll take care of your little boy who is 29 and who is a typical male. Thank you, for all of the years of this history. The history became my dream.

I promise you, I won't ever let 20 years go down the drain. I promise you I won't let him go. I promise He'll always be your baby, you had him first, but I promise you, I'll make sure he has a relationship with you while he is with me.

I promise you I'll make him laugh. I promise you, those years did not go to waste. I love you like my own mother loves me. Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done to raise him to the man he is today so I could get the chance to get him.

From the girl who is in love with your son...