8 Types Of Text Messages Coming To Your Phone In 2020, Whether You Want Them Or Not
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8 Types Of Text Messages Coming To Your Phone In 2020, Whether You Want Them Or Not

Besides the usual texts from friends, you can expect to see these 8 types of texts coming to your phone this year.

8 Types Of Text Messages Coming To Your Phone In 2020, Whether You Want Them Or Not

Text messaging used to be a way to connect with friends and de-stress. Whenever you saw someone walking around while texting, you knew they were talking with someone in their friend group about plans or family events. People still connect with their loved ones over texts every day, but now they can keep up with businesses and activities as well.

Companies used to rely solely on sending email updates or mailing coupons to keep up with their customer base. Now they have access to their patrons through their cell phone numbers, which is how shoppers redeem exclusive discounts and offers. Texting has made life easier for those who always have their devices in their pockets, but how can it help your own?

Read about the 8 kinds of text messages coming to your phone in 2020 so you know what to expect. You'll stay in touch with things you need, want or could be interested in without ever jumping on a phone call again.

1. Upcoming Voting Reminders

Young people have become a massive part of the voting block, which is why organizations text people about upcoming deadline reminders. Once you sign up with a nonprofit or other business that helps people exercise their right to vote, you'll get periodic texts reminding you when you can head to the voting booth.

You may also receive alerts about checking your registration status or seeing if your polling location has changed. A simple notification like that will make all the difference when you want to make your voice heard.

2. Messages From Your Favorite Celebrities

Celebrities want to connect with their fans in more personal ways than mass emails or red carpet events. That's why so many have started giving out their phone numbers, which link to their account through a business called Community.

After you text the numbers associated with your favorite stars, you'll get updates straight from them and potentially receive answers when you text them about things like their latest Instagram posts. It's a fun new way to learn more about the stars you love and catch news directly from the source.

3. Breaking News From Magazines

Consider the magazines you like reading. Whether you want the latest entertainment story or breaking world news, magazines now text their subscribers directly. Instead of waiting for your monthly issue to show up in your mail or refreshing their website in the morning, you'll get updates on everything from pop stars to news stories within your texts.

You might think it's good enough to receive notifications from news sources, but what happens when you don't have access to Wi-Fi or data? Texts will still come through so you're up to date, no matter where you are.

4. Customer Support Texts

It's never a good feeling when you have to call a customer support line and spend an hour or more trying to find a solution to your problem. Studies show that 64 percent of customers prefer texts over calls, so customer support lines are turning to text messages.

The next time you want to ask a question or talk with a representative, you can contact a support line and solve the issue without disrupting your day.

5. Financial Alerts and Advice

Some banks and other economics-based businesses have created phone numbers specifically to alert their customers to any questionable financial activity or offer advice. Reach out to your bank or financial advisor to see if they have this option available for their customers, but be aware of any texts you receive.

Scammers have begun to pose as banks and fraud departments to get personal information. Never give out your social security number, address or account numbers, since your bank will already have that information and won't need to ask for them.

6. AI Personal Assistants

Bots equipped with artificial intelligence make life easier by solving your problems through text messages. Companies like David's Bridal use AI assistants to contact customers about booking appointments and answer any questions they may have.

If the assistant can't help, they'll connect you with an employee who can. It's another way to cut out unnecessary phone calls from your schedule and save you time.

7. Fundraising Follow-Up Inquiries

Fundraisers for things like political campaigns or local nonprofits now text people who donate or participate in their events. It's helpful to get these texts and remember to send your monthly donation or sign up for the next volunteer opportunity. Tapping on a link in a message is faster than refreshing your inbox to wait for an upcoming newsletter.

8. Updates on Online Orders

The moment you submit an online order, you want updates. It's something everyone feels at some point, whether you order a pizza or a shipment of household decor.

Most companies now allow people to receive texts about their purchases. Last year, Amazon started sending estimated arrival time texts on delivery days. You should know precisely where your belongings are and how soon they'll arrive, which is why text updates have become so popular.

Rethink Your Text Messages

If you haven't signed up for texting services like these, it's time to give them a try. They'll make life easier and change how you interact with the world, especially as they become more popular in the upcoming year.

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