Texas Or Bust Ya'll
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Texas Or Bust Ya'll

10 reasons why Texas is the greatest state there is

Texas Or Bust Ya'll
Eric W. Hodel

Welcome to the great state of Texas where seasons don't matter and speed limits are basically just a suggestion. I'll admit being born and raised here does make me a little biased but let's be real, there is no better state. California and New York put up a good fight but there's just no comparison. Don't believe me? Check out why Texas is the greatest state ever below.

10.The Bigger the Better

It may not be the largest state (calm your tits Alaska, we know that title belongs to you but nobody cares,) however, Texas is the largest state in the contiguous United States and the second largest state by population. Here in Texas everything is larger than life. From state fairs to high school football games, we make sure we go all out.

9. It's a Cultural Melting Pot

Due to it's large geographic nature, Texas is a cultural melting pot of Hispanic, African, Native American, Creole and European heritages. Diverse metropolitan areas such as Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin, make the state an ideal place for settling in.

8. It's Visually Captivating

Whether it's the piney woods of East Texas or the Desert-like region of West Texas, the state has some beautiful, natural scenery to gaze at.

7. Football Powerhouse

It's no secret that Americans love football, but nobody loves football more or does it better than Texas. Texans love football more than Kanye West loves himself. Texas is home to five of the 13 largest and most expensive high school football stadiums in the country and the Dallas Cowboys have boldly carried the title of 'America's Team' since 1978 (although we wouldn't be able to tell by their recent standings.) While other states host big time gala events, banquets and award shows, in Texas, the social event of the season is a high school football game.

6. Tex-Mex

One of the greatest creations known to man (at least in Texas it is,) is the birth of Tex-Mex cuisine. A fusion of Mexican and American dishes, Tex-Mex is the best of both worlds. When you think of Texas, you're probably thinking of our infamous tacos and burritos. Food from Texas in general is the stuff of legends.

5. BBQ

Even more synonymous with Texas than Tex-Mex is barbecue. The South is a mecca for fantastic, delicious bbq but Texas reigns supreme. Many of the best bbq eateries in the country are in Texas including the number two spot, Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue.

4. Music to your Ears

We all know that Austin is the "live music capital of the world," but the Texas music scene across the state in general is epic. So much so that we've even got our own genre; Texas Country. What other state has that? There's no Alabama folk music or California Rock and Roll subgenre floating around. Some of the most infamous, talented and dynamic musicians hail from the Lone Star State: Miranda Lambert, Buddy Holly, and the great Scott Joplin just to name a few. Which brings me to numbers three and two on the list; the undisputed queens of Texas.

3. Beyoncé

Oh come on, do I even need to explain this? It's freaking Beyoncé, queen of the universe. Texans will forever boast and remind you about how the greatest entertainer of this generation was born and raised in our state. Word on the street is that the state actually wanted to change our state motto to "If you like it, put a ring on it ya'll." No, not really but you gotta admit, it does have a nice ring to it. Beyoncé is arguably the best performer of the new millennium and there's only one superstar from Texas who could out rank her.

2. Selena

Selena Quintanilla is legendary and to us Texans she is the epitome of greatness. For those of you who are unsure why she passes Queen Bey on the list let me break it down for you: Selena is ICONIC. Selena has been gone 21 years yet she just got her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds, a MAC cosmetics line that completely sold out online in a day and people everywhere are still losing their shit over her. This is something only a true megastar could do and Selena will forever go down in history as such.

1. Texas Pride

Texans have a unique sense of pride that is incomparable. Not even New Yorkers have the same amount of heart, love and passion for their state as we do. We literally bring up the fact that we're Texans every chance we get. It's that amount of self-admiration that makes us great. No doubt about it, Texas is a force to be reckoned with.

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