Finals are here for all college students. It's a stressful time for everyone so I thought I'd give my words of encouragement to everyone who feels stressed, maybe even on the verge of a breakdown.

So here are five tips to make this stressful time a little less stressful:

1. Have time to study and sleep

A lot of people who are getting ready for finals are staying up through the late hours of the night studying. It seems impossible, but if you make a clear schedule you will have enough time to sleep. Study for all your classes a little each day, and balance a healthy diet and you're sure to pull through. I'm like a lot of my fellow college students and I drink double shots and energy drinks to get myself through studying. What I've realized, however, is all of that sugar and caffeine makes my heart feel like it's taking leaps. By the time I get to my classes I'm exhausted and I can barely process the words on the test. When I have a good night's sleep, I go to class feeling confident, even though I didn't go overboard on studying. So remember sleep and study, not just study.

2. Join a study group

It might sound silly ,but one of the greatest things you can do so close to finals is finding a group of classmates or friends who are also feeling stressed about finals. At times you may need to depart and study alone, but when you are feeling overwhelmed you will have a group of people to lean on and vent your stresses to.

3. Take needed breaks

Everyone needs to take a break and breathe, no matter what kind of activity you are doing. If you start feeling to overwhelmed and stressed go and do something fun or relaxing. Take a shower, read a book, or ( my favorite activity) watch Netflix. After you have taken your mind off of hard work you'll be better prepared to stare the work you have left in the face.

4. Make a game out of studying

This may seem silly but one thing that gets me through studying is making a game of what I'm doing. When I study I give myself awards when I reach a desired point. I also make silly mnemonic devices to give myself a laugh while I study. Making a game of what I'm doing not only makes me feel less stressed, but it also helps me remember my material better.

5. This class is not your entire future

A lot of people fear to take their finals because they will determine their future. I just want everyone to remember in ten years time their finals won't even matter. You might end up feeling regretful over a particular grade you got, but you won't think to yourself that your life is over because you failed a class.

So everyone stressing over finals, you will make it through. Classes are important, but they aren't the main determining factor of a bright future. If you take a step back and think about all my tips I'm sure you'll make it trough all of your tests.