Ten Things I Am Not Here For
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Ten Things I Am Not Here For

10 objects of foolery I am over in 2017

Ten Things I Am Not Here For


I see you waving your All Lives Matter flag, proudly displaying the affection and want for justice of ALL human lives… Aside from my black ass.

First off the movement was originated as a response to a community, built to protect and harbor the lives of black peoples which have been disproportionately targeted, claimed and underrepresented. This is not the dismissal of anyone else, this is the inclusion and the valuing of black lives. BLM came first and ALM came second as a response in the attempt to discredit the previous statement. Ever since BLM came around, certain people have constantly objected to various facets the drive this community. “What about everyone else?” What about everyone else? Where was your concern for them before you saw my black face on poster board. Now that people are speaking up for targeted injustice, you want to stand behind me and say you were here first. No ma’am/sir.

2. Immigration Ban:

I'm sure you are very aware of the current cause of social uprising… Also known as the Immigration Ban. About a month ago Trump decided to impose an barring of seven, predominantly Muslim countries, under the guise of national security. Or the perpetuation of islamophobia, but you choose!

For 90 days people will be and have been subjected to the fear of deportation and demise. They have been the targets of racism and propaganda. I've seen people defend this blatantly unconstitutional act, by mentioning 9/11 or other acts of terrorism, ignoring the fact that the countries included in the ban have reportedly had zero involvement in either mentions. Surprisingly, those that were not mentioned like Saudi Arabia or Egypt, were left unaffected by the blacklisting. Of course I'm not saying they should be on the ban because I don't agree with it in the first place but I'm hoping you see the relationship between partiality versus protection. Next I noticed people bringing up the fact that Obama did the same thing and that's where I'd have to stop you. Obama implemented a thorough vetting process, to insure the safety of those coming in and out of the country. This is a great difference from exclusion, there is no sifting in the immigration ban, there is only discard.

3. Donald Trump:


4. Fake Love:

We all know that person. Whether it's “friend”, “family” or foe, they are not to be trusted. The insult that comes along with underestimating my intelligence only activates the pettiness in me. And the thought that they're fooling anyone… Um I see you boo!

When someone takes the time out to invest and to grow with any relationship, whether it's intimate or not, the least you could do is be honest. Sincerity is so hard to come by these days because we've become accustomed to the naturalness of filters, and editing. We've taken these two great aspects of technology and we've employed them into our daily lives. We've programmed these artificial features of development into our character and it's not okay. It is not okay to either give or accept fake love because you can't pay the heart with artificial currency. I need honesty and loyalty I need the blueprint and not the prototype. It's protocol now to call someone your “best friend” your “mate”, you tell someone you love them when you barely even know them. Stop counterfeiting the value of those words and of the relationship they depict. I believe this is part of the reason why so many people play both sides of the fence. This is the reason you can tell your “friends” one thing and hear it ten different times. Enough.

5. “Christian Motives”:

Hit or miss… We have all seen it… The various posts of acts of humanity, sometimes it's good and sometimes you just want 2000 likes for giving that man a dollar and a half eaten snickers bar.

I understand promoting humanity I do I get it. But there's a thin line between being Christ like and doing it for likes. The next time you publicly post what you do or give, or even before you do your “deed”, examine your motives. Who are you doing it for? If nobody liked it or saw it, would you do it again? If the answer is no then stop doing it. One thing I hate to see is people capitalize on someone else's misfortune. And it isn't just domestically it is global. You travel across the world to take pictures with half naked little black kids with swollen bellies, call yourself a humanitarian and you never inquire about them again. Humility and humbleness my friends.

6. Homophobia:

Just because Steven likes men, does not mean Steven wants YOU

Save your prayers of concern and reformation for your own life please and thank you. I may be quite biased on this seeing as how I have family members and friends who are apart of the LGBTQ community, but I will not apologize for it. I come from one of the most intolerant backgrounds regarding this subject. In Nigeria you can still be subject to 14 YEARS IMPRISONMENT for being homosexual or engaging in homosexual acts, but I've never understood the disregard or disrespect of those whose sexual preferences are different from you. Please save your bible quotes and holy oil for someone who actually needs it… And that's how I feel about that.

7. Cultural Appropriation:

Appropriation vs appreciation class… Mmk… Alright.

All I'm saying is if you want to sport clothes dominant of culture A, or partake in their cultural amenities, you can at least acknowledge the culture behind it. Maybe indulge in it a bit, let's stop making certain cultural constructs a fad.

8. Undermining Privilege:

Today we live in a world where if it is not a problem to you then it is not a problem. No sweetie, it's not YOUR problem, but it most definitely is a problem.

Stop dismissing the ailments of certain subgroups in America just because it doesn't affect you. It's not about just you. Privilege is when you don't have to experience the hell of the oppressed and yet have the nerve to tell them they are not. I saw this a lot watching the Women's March and in response to minority opinions. I saw people sitting high above the mud telling people in it, they are not dirty. You don't get to dictate who's oppressed and how, nor is it the responsibility of the oppressed to tell you why they are oppressed. You live in the system that was built to protect the privileged, you have the blueprints, you figure it out. Do not ask someone why their backs hurt when you're standing on the platform that was built on them.

9. Parroted Opinions:

I don't want to hear what you heard I want to hear what you know.

Stop paraphrasing the opinion someone else had… didn't they teach you plagiarism is wrong. Please keep your opinions to yourself if you merely read or heard what someone else said and repeated it, without research or substantial facts of your own.

10. Donald Trump:


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