Ten Things I've Learned From Having A BBF (British Best Friend)

It started as Matt the British guy with the watch on our eighth grade snowboarding trip. From there, I'm pretty sure that was the only interaction that I had with this mysterious guy until ninth grade where I knew him through a boyfriend at the time. The summer brought more time to listen to the glorious accent. So, after four years of friendship, I'm pretty positive that I'm basically an expert on the British language and this strange inhabitant that is now one of my best friends.

1. The words "helicopter," "battery," and "garage" are sacred in the British to English language

Honestly, I think I kept him around for the first year because I had these three words come out of his mouth and it always brought a smile to my face. [ (helicopter: hell-EE-coptah) (battery: baaahh-tree) (garage: like carriage with a g) ]

2. British flag license plates

'Nuff said. It's a family thing too. They are the British fleet of cars, as my BBF would say.

3. Two words: British Candy

Flake, Aero, Crunchy, Jelly Babies, Celebrations, and more!

4. "Mum" is a staple in daily conversation

This includes having your mom's name saved as mum in your phone, duh.

5. Wearing the Union Jack consistently

To be fair, the jacket is pretty fricken awesome if I do say so myself.

6. BBC is love.

The British Broadcasting Corporation is not the British Broadcasting Channel apparently. That and every movie that comes on at sleepovers usually has a British accent at some point.

7. His parents are so sweet.

The first time I met his dad, I believe he was chauffeur for one of our snowboarding excursions. The accent caught me off guard the first time and definitely took some time to get used to. Even now, it can still trip me up.

8. Even his dog is British!

With a name like Maggie, I bet she thinks in a British accent and knows all of her tricks in the "language." "Beg" is still her favorite and she will not hesitate to put her head in your lap waiting for that pizza in your hand to fall.

9. A slight change in accent happens occasionally...

... when he travels to the Motherland. We always notice that after a trip to England to visit family, he comes back with some new phrases and a more pronounced accent. "Slag, bent, git, bugger, sod..."

10. Caring is basically his middle name.

Now, I'm not quite sure if this is a British thing entirely but he is one of the most caring individuals I have met. From buying cookies at lunch during certain times of the month to always being a phone call away, I honestly could not ask for a better friend.

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