I love reading books, and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing during the summer. I can catch up on my favorite book series and even try new ones. Here are ten reasons why I love reading books.

  • It’s an escape from everyday life! Reality can be a drag, and a book can help me escape from the boringness of everyday life.
  • It can go more in depth than a movie can. When you read a book then watch the movie more details are added that would not be there in a movie.
  • Time is faster: There is nothing like getting lost in a book to make time fly.
  • Meet new people and characters you can relate to.
  • You can be in a different world other than the real one.
  • You can always learn something new by reading books.
  • It will help you see different sides to situations and some of it is relatable.
  • It shows you a different perspective.
  • Books will always be there.
  • Books will never leave you like people will!

Books are an escape, and I love reading to pass the time.