Ten Problems for Fast Food Workers

Working in the fast food industry isn't as easy as "flipping burgers." It's true that I'm not doing strenuous work but in my opinion working fast food isn't as easy as I thought it was years ago. It's tiring and some people just don't realize that.

1. Arguing with me about the price of a product

I don't mind if you point out a mistake I made where you wanted a medium and got charged for a large, it happens. But don't tell me that the same meal costs a dollar less at "your McDonalds" so you want a discount. It doesn't work that way, and I'm sorry but I don't control the prices; it varies by location.

2. Being on the phone while ordering

"Hi can I get a double cheeseburger and... yeah bro, Dave's party was lit... a small fry.... dude she's so hot..."

This adds about five minutes to the order-taking and there are often people waiting behind you. Please, for the love of God, hang up for the two minutes total it will take you to order. Your server, and probably the person on the other side of the phone, will be thankful. Plus it's just the respectful thing to do.

3. Handing me "boob money"

Please do not reach into your bra or inside your pants to get money for me. It's just unsanitary and there's gotta be some other place to store it. I can't even describe how gross it is to have to touch that money, and when it's wet that makes it a million times worse.

4. Coming in a minute before we close

Just one word: Why?

5. Asking for no salt on the fries

Maybe you need them like that because of health needs and I understand that, but if you're doing it to get fresh fries, stop. Our fries are usually made in quantities that we know we'll need and therefore they are almost always fresh. So unless you can't have salt, just get the fries as usual.

6. Buses of people a minute before end of shift

"Just finish up the next group and you can leave," Except the next group is a bus of baseball players who order at least two meals each. Sigh.

7. Throwing money on the counter

My hand was RIGHT THERE. Please don't just ignore it and throw the bills and coins all over my counter.

8. Screaming/Crying children

Please control your child. If they carry on while you're trying to order please take them elsewhere until they're done throwing a fit.

9. Being rude when I ask specifics about your order

Hot or cold coffee? Any cream or sugar? Do you want the whipped cream and cherry on your shake? If you don't specify I have to ask, or else you're gonna be mad at me in two minutes when you don't get your order exactly how you wanted it. I also hate having to go through these questions, but please bear with me.

10. Acting like my job is easy

As I've said it's not the hardest job but it's also not the easiest. I don't think $15/hour is called for but I deserve to make enough to live on for now. Things are getting expensive. It's not a glamorous job but don't degrade my work.

Basically, treat me like a human being and we'll be all good.

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