10 Lush Must-Haves

10 Lush Must-Haves

"You are going to love the products so much you will stop asking for samples and just buy everything!"

Lush Cosmetics UK

As I sit here in my warm lavender sparkly bath while sipping on my wine, I decided to write my ten top favorite items from Lush! I am actually a seasonal hire at Lush this year, so I'm extremely excited to share some of my favorite products with you!

I've recently tried out multiple products that I have never used. I used to walk into Lush expecting to buy myself bath bombs or a nice shower gel. Now knowing what Lush is all about, I've expanded my horizons and touched base in other areas of the store: skincare, haircare, and shower care. Lush is a 100% vegetarian and even some products are Vegan. This store is absolutely environmentally and animal-friendly!

The list I created consists of a multitude of products; not just bath bombs! You can also ask for samples of anything in the store except for bath bombs and fresh face masks. But, truly you are going to love the products so much you will stop asking for samples and just buy everything!

1. Fairly Traded Honey

Lather up with Fairly Traded Honey to give your hair a nice balance of shine! Your hair will feel absolutely healthy and moisturized! This shampoo is also preservative-free! Honey is a natural ingredient that balances out oils in hair and also on skin. If you like using the shampoo bars, try out Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar. Shampoo bars are shampoo based products but in solid form. It will last up to 80 washes, which is the work of three bottles of liquid shampoo!

2. Avobath Bath Bomb

This bath bomb smells of lemongrass and fresh avocados. This product leaves your skin feeling amazingly silky soft. The smell of this bath bomb is so invigorating! It fizzes and creates a shimmery green water. This bomb also has olive oil to leave your skin extra soft.

3. Magical Moringa Facial Moisturizer

This moisturizer is made of rose hip oil, organ oil, and cornflour gives your skin a soft velvety touch. When you apply this moisturizer it is almost like cocoa butter consistency, but after rubbing into your skin it dries into a nice velvety feeling. This is the magical works of the cornflour. I tend to have an oily complexion, so this product works wonders for me. I put this moisturizer right before I put on my makeup. Throughout the day, I am oily free and my makeup stays on all day! It is a very great primer for makeup as well as an amazing moisturizer!

4. Sleepy Hand and Body Lotion

This lotion will put you right to sleep! This product is a very pretty pale purple cream. It has a beautiful sweet lavender smell. If you love the Twilight Bath Bomb, you will love this! It smells exactly like the bomb. It also has moisturizing cocoa butter and almond oil! Put this on your body and hands before you sleep! Also, this is a highly popular item this year!!!

5. Ultrabland Cleanser

Let me tell you something about this product that I absolutely love. This product is made of rich essential oils that lift up all makeup. I have this eyeliner that is ultra matte so it doesn't wipe off with anything, but Ultrabland does the job! Which I absolutely love because it would take me forever to take off my makeup. Not only forever, but using multiple products to take off everything, so my skin will be irritated and red. Ultrabland leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft because of the rosewater, honey, and beeswax.

6. Bubbly Shower Gel

This product says it all in its name! Bubbly, refreshing, and zesty "Bubbly" is an amazing and invigorating shower gel. If you are looking for something to wake you up, definitely pick up this shower gel. It reminds me of an orange jelly bean, but even sweeter. It will not only leave you feeling refreshed, but it will also leave you feeling silky soft and smelling of sweet orange candies.

7. Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask

Rich, dark, and stimulating. If you love coffee, you will LOVE this product! It smells exactly like freshly brewed coffee. It has fresh coffee grinds, which is an amazing exfoliator. It also has an ingredient called Kaolin which deeply cleanses impurities from pores. You can leave this on for about five to ten minutes and just rinse it right off your face and body. I like to rub this onto my legs after I shave to feel extra silky soft!

8. Blackberry Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a sweet and subtle berry scented bomb which creates a luxurious deep purple color in your water. It has uplifting scents of bergamot, which is a fruity sweet smell. Bergamot oil is said to be a "pick me up" kind of smell. So, if you are feeling down and not yourself, pop this in your bath!

9. Tea Tree Water

This toner water is naturally made for people who tend to have oily complexions. The tea tree cleanses and keeps skin looking refreshed and balanced. Tea tree also reduces redness and clears the excess oil from your face, without drying up your skin. Use this toner right after you are done cleansing and washing your face to take out the leftover dirt and oils that were left in your pores. Spray this mist on your face and then take a dry cloth and lightly pat your face down.

10. Yuzu and Coca

This bubbleroon is truly the best bubble bar I have ever used! I mean look at how cute it is. It looks like a little macaroon! This Bubbleroon smells of orange and chocolate! YUM! Bubble bars create amazing bubbles in your bath. What is different about this one is that in the middle of the bubble bar is a nice creamy center of fair trade shea butter! It makes mounds of fluffy bubbles and leaves your skin silky soft. You can crumble bits and pieces into your bath as its running, or run it right through the faucet. Bubble bars are meant to be used multiple times since they are reusable. So you will get multiple uses of this product. Fun Fact: if you love the smell of this Bubbleroon, you should also pick up the shower gel!

Trust me, I have a lot more favorites, like a good 30, that are absolutely amazing and worth the buy. Remember, you can always smile ask for samples of products to try them out at home before buying it. Employees will also ask you if you want to try out a certain product in the store. Definitely do it! We love to demo products on you so you really can see the true benefits of each product. This gives you more background information on how the products work and how to use them.

Trust me, once you expand your horizons and understand that Lush is not just about the bath bombs (even though they are so pretty and AMAZING), you will fall in love with how truly incredible the store really is. We also want to make sure you have the best experience at our stores each and every time you walk in. You will always be greeted with a smile and truly awesome people!

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