Hello everyone! Valentine’s Day is upon us and like all other years, I find myself single. However I don’t really care; I have red wine, ice cream, chocolate, and a list of men who are more amazing than any guy I will probably ever meet in the real world. These men are the best of the best, because it’s surprisingly hard to find fictional men who aren’t secretly terrible people (looking at you Rom Coms). So for this day of love, here is a list of the fictional men who deserve to be your valentine.

10.) John from Love Actually

Martin Freeman gives us this adorable heart throb. Respectful, funny, and sweet, John should be the mold of standard goodness in men. He appreciates his lady for her personality and is delightfully shy and gentle. In fact, I have an entire article about why he and Judy are the best couple in Love Actually. The only reason he isn’t higher on the list is his lack of screen time. You deserve a valentine you get to see a lot of.

9.) Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Perhaps not the most attractive on our list, but what an amazing romantic choice. He has his own business, he’s an amazing dad, and he’s got puns for days. While he fails at romance, you know that deep down he is trying with everything he has. It’s the thought that counts. Not to mention he would be so devoted, even if you’re crazy and zany like Linda. Also, free French fries anytime you want!

8.) Joel Hammond from Santa Clarita Diet

This may seem like an odd choice, but Joel is a perfect candidate for an ideal Valentine. First of all, he’s a silver fox and has aged beautifully. Paired with his wit and comedic timing, he’s down right charming. Second, he has a strong moral compass that never fully deteriorates throughout the series (even as the body count goes up). He is devoted to his wife and does everything in his power to protect her. And they’ve been married about twenty years, and their chemistry is still so palpable.

7.) Officer Rhodes from Bridesmaids

He’s Irish, he’s funny, and he’s tall. But there is so much more to him than that. He recognizes Annie’s talents as a chef and does what he can to help her recapture the passion. When she stays the night, he politely folds her clothes, prepares breakfast ingredients, and patiently waits for her to wake up on her own time. Not only that, but he fought off raccoons so he could try her apology cake: what more could you want?

6.) Henry Roth from 50 First Dates

This is perhaps one of the few movies where Adam Sandler is not crude, cringe-worthy, or just a horrible leading man. In fact, he is extremely sweet and considerate (must be a Drew Barrymore thing). While starting the movie as a womanizer, the façade quickly fades away and we get to see a devoted and selfless man. He sings her songs, bring her flowers, and helps her cope with her trauma. Perhaps the noblest thing is respecting Lucy’s wish to disappear from her life, because what she wants is ultimately more important.

5.) “Woodchuck” Todd from Easy A

This dude is nearly perfect. He’s sweet, helpful, and totally nonjudgmental. He’s also not afraid to dress up as a giant woodchuck and be a total dork. He respects Olive when she says no to kissing him, and he’s mature enough to not believe the nasty rumors spread about her. He’s always willing to offer support or a kind word. Not to mention just so so handsome.

4.) Jim Halpert from The Office

Jim and Pam are basically the reason to watch The Office. Jim is adorable, sweet, and a hilarious prankster. We swooned when he revealed that he wanted to marry Pam as soon as he met her, and he bought it the week after they started dating. Who is that sweet? The only reason this amazing gentleman is not further on the list is that awkward period where he and Pam were fighting…not cool script writers. Not cool.

3.) Jake Perry from Sweet Home Alabama

At the beginning he can be a little hard to like, but he has a pretty great reason. And those beautiful eyes could melt any heart. He’s sweet, handsome, and there’s just something about a country boy. He knows how to forgive, he is accepting of his friends and has perhaps the best line in any movie. “Why would you want to marry me for, anyhow?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” He even secretly followed her to NYC because he still loved her, but in the end he just cares about her happiness and what’s good for her.

2.) Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec

Ben Wyatt…literally the only man who deserves Leslie Knope. Now he’s pretty similar to Jim…brunette, calm, looks off at the camera with things go to crap (honestly Parks and Rec is just funnier). He’s sweet, handsome, and knows how to handle the crazy. Not to mention he is the biggest nerd, and it’s heart melting. Remember when he entered a bidding war with Ann to get Leslie a waffle maker? He is passionate and has a great character development. He even pretends to like Little Sebastian for Leslie.

1.) Rocky from Rocky (series)

I know what you’re thinking…Rocky? How is a boxer from an old movie number one on the list? Allow me to explain. Rocky is a classic underdog, something that is alluring in itself. He’s sweet and well- meaning and strives to make something of himself. With the right woman who sees his potential (like Adrian) he can achieve anything, and honestly he does it all for you. He is respectful and kind to Adrian from the moment they share the screen together. He is protective and boosts her self-esteem. He will tell you dumb jokes, only in the hopes of making you smile. He plays no games, and makes his feelings known clearly and immediately (wouldn’t that be nice?) Not to mention it doesn’t take him long to put a ring on it. He loves his woman for who she truly is: “I sure ain't never changing nothing about you.” He knows the importance of finding someone who isn’t perfect, just able to fill in the empty spaces. Even after her death, he visits her grave regularly. Because true love never dies.

As you can probably tell, this list is 100% pure opinion and full of my own biases. So feel free to share with me who you think should have been number one. Are there any men you wanted to see on the list? Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!