It is that time of year again when schools are starting and classes are getting into the swing of things. I started my last year at Temple and while I loved my collegiate experience, I cannot wait to finish. Nothing against the university, I'm just tired of going to class and homework.

Now, however, I have to think about what I'm going to do after college. Graduate school? What jobs am I going to apply for? Just thinking about that stresses me out because I'm not ready to be a real adult. With my last first day of college, I had several thoughts running through my head.

1. College loans


Yes, it's been a long four years staring at the same computer screen and buildings.The only thing that is getting me through the school year is knowing that I'm graduating soon. The graduating part just reminds me of my student loans that I have to pay. Seeing that bill alone might make me want to go to a graduate school to push them off as long as I can.

2. I'm not frantic about finding parties


I don't know about other people, but when I first started college, everyone seemed worried about finding the where the parties are. Now as a senior, I cannot wait to get back to my bed. Who knows, maybe it's because I was never the person who wanted to party every night of the week, so I'm perfectly fine with just watching movies or relaxing with my friends. Sure, I know where the parties are, but I'm not too interested in attending them anymore.

3. So many people who walk slowly


First off, there are so many people going to class because it's the beginning of school. Second off, so many people walk slowly. Please get off your phone (don't worry that boy you just met will be able to text all semester) and just walk. I can't wait until it's the middle of the semester and there aren't as many people hanging around campus.

4. It's the same food


After four years, the dining halls are the last places I want to go, but so are all the outside food vendors. Cool, there's a Chick-fil-A on campus that was there last year. Oh, they added some new coffee places and a Panda Express. I try it one time, and I'm already looking for something new. I love being able to go to the city to find different restaurants or shops. Without a meal plan, that means I have to make my own food, which yes means just pasta.

5. I look forward to all the free things


Welcome weeks pretty much guarantee that a new water bottle or pen might be added to the collection. Who doesn't like free stuff either? I can never have too many pens or notepads to write on because who knows there might be a shortage in the next 10 years. On a very serious note though, I love the free food and free t-shirts. I will eye-ball different vendors to see if they have free t-shirts.